Upsell is a publication of Jilt, a leading email marketing tool built for eCommerce, and is meant to provide shop owners and managers with the information, inspiration, and motivation they need to compete and grow their eCommerce operations. We want everyone running an online store to be able to find success without having to spend all their time sweating the fundamentals.

We’re building more than just a destination to learn about the latest tactics for running and growing an online store. At Jilt, we believe that eCommerce is an equalizer. The internet tools available to entrepreneurs today mean that anyone can create a shop and bring their passions to the world, and Upsell is a place where leaders in the eCommerce world can share their stories, learn from each other, and inspire entrepreneurs around the world.

Writing for Upsell

Upsell accepts pitches from freelance writers. We publish stories that surface practical guidance for readers by demonstrating how a specific goal was achieved, how a decision was made, or a turning point was reached. Our pieces use storytelling to provide context and authority to the eCommerce lessons they impart.

We are most interested in single source profiles of eCommerce companies. Stories, while built around a human narrative, should focus on a specific lesson or insight (e.g., something the company excels at doing). We are also interested in fully reported trends pieces.

To pitch a story, please send a 3-5 sentence overview of the piece, a list of any intended sources or profile subjects, and thoughts on likely reader takeaways to josh@jilt.com.

We only accept previously unpublished articles and we purchase worldwide, exclusive rights. Upsell articles are typically in the 800-1,200 word range and we pay a market web rate (details on compensation will be discussed and agreed upon prior to assignment).

The Upsell editorial staff will review your pitch and get back to you within one week.

Pitching a company

Do you work for, represent, or run an eCommerce company that has an interesting story to tell? We’d love to hear from you! Please email josh@jilt.com with details about what your company does, what lessons you’d like to impart, and why your story is unique.

Does Upsell accept guest posts?

Yes! We accept unpaid guest contributions from leaders in the eCommerce space (owners of successful stores, executives at eCommerce app companies, highly regarded developers, researchers and data scientists, etc.). These are bylined, non-promotional pieces and must be exclusive to Upsell (that means the piece hasn’t run anywhere else). Guest posts typically run 1,000-1,500 words (minimum 750) and impart usable insights through thoughts or opinions about new ideas, theories, or industry trends/happenings.

While these posts do include a 2-3 line promotional byline, guest posts must be non-promotional. In many instances, it is permissible to relate a personal anecdote about your company for illustrative purposes, as long as the story serves to further a broader point or lesson. Authors are not allowed to link excessively to their own products, sales, or services, and are not permitted to write specifically about their own company, clients, or any projects they are involved in except for purposes of illustration. Posts that read overly self-promotional damage the credibility of both the author and Upsell, so this is a rule we take seriously.

To pitch a guest post, please send a 3-5 sentence overview of the piece to josh@jilt.com. Please also include any relevant background information about your company and the author.

If accepted, we’ll work with the contributor on edits, and we reserve the right to edit all submissions for clarity, grammar, length, and style. We will seek author approval prior to publication for any major content edits.