Getting started & common questions

We’re so happy you’re choosing Jilt, and we can’t wait to help you get the most out of your email marketing! If at any point you’d like some help, let us know.

We’re small team of real people, passionate about helping stores grow using email, and we’re very eager to get you set up and running on our platform.

Billing & account management

How much will I pay for Jilt? How does it compare to what I’m currently paying?

We have a special promotion for stores switching to Jilt from Mailchimp: your first month will be billed at $29 for any list size, and there are zero fees for additional stores, users, campaigns, or features. You’ll also get our complimentary white-glove migration, where we’ll migrate all your campaigns, emails, and lists from Mailchimp over to Jilt. Sign up now and ask our support team to apply this promotion to your account.

The monthly price after your promotion ends is based on your total list size:

How many contacts do you have?

Pricing for 750 contacts: $29/month for up to 1,000 contacts

Contact lists & importing lists

Let’s talk a bit about lists and managing contacts.

How do I manage my lists in Jilt?

Jilt is built specifically for eCommerce stores, so you don’t have to worry about who is a “subscriber” or syncing your customers — it happens automatically! After connecting your store, we’ll sync your customer list (this takes a few minutes). These are often folks who are marked as “non-subscribed” in Mailchimp.

Need to add contacts who haven’t purchased from you yet? Please open a support conversation with our team and we’ll be happy to import a CSV or XLS file of contacts for you.

Can I add or manage lists in Jilt?

Soon — we’re working on list management now! In the meantime, Jilt does support contact tags. You can tag contacts who should be on a particular list and use tags to segment your emails. We’ll even import tags that are already in Shopify.

How can I import contacts?

Jilt will automatically import customers from your store when connected.

Please reach out to our team if you would like to import contacts from outside your store.

What if I use interest groups in Mailchimp?

Jilt doesn’t currently support interest groups or custom properties. We plan to add support for custom properties in about 6-8 weeks, so you may want to continue to send newsletters via Mailchimp until it’s available. You can also use contact tags instead, so please ask our team how we can support your workflow!

Campaigns & sending emails

What kind of emails can I send with Jilt?

The same ones you’ve been sending through Mailchimp! Jilt has a few major types of emails that you can send.


Jilt can send automated emails, such as post purchase follow ups or welcome emails. Send emails for:

  • Cart abandonment reminders
  • Welcome emails
  • Thank you emails for repeat customers
  • Reward VIP customers
  • Win back lapsed customers
  • Send replenishment reminders
  • Ask for product reviews
  • Post-purchase follow ups

You can even create customized campaigns from scratch — Jilt’s powerful segmentation engine provides over 50 detailed order, cart, and customer attributes (more than you may be used to!).

Transactional emails

Send order receipts, shipment notifications, and other transactional emails via Jilt. Your order status notifications can be consistent with your other emails, contain detailed order information, and provide cross-sells or discounts.

You can even send different notifications based on customer or order properties for a personalized experience.

Newsletter emails

Newsletters are called Broadcasts in Jilt. You can send newsletters, sales announcements, or other one-time emails to your entire list of customers, or a specific segment.

Need some help migrating your campaigns? We’ll do that, too! Our team will ensure your automations and emails are carried over to Jilt seamlessly.

Comparing Jilt vs. Mailchimp

Set up a custom sending domaineasyintermediate
Connect multiple stores
Visual email builder
Dynamically generate coupons
Automatically show product recommendations in emailsadvancedbasic
Use dynamic email content (liquid)
Segmentation rulesadvancedbasic
Capture email addresses before checkout
Send automations to non-subscribed contacts
Schedule newsletters for future sending
Creating newsletters / broadcasts