Segment your audience

Segmentation gives you more control over the lifecycle emails you send with Jilt by allowing you to define who gets your emails and why. By segmenting your audience, you can determine when and why specific customers get added to your email campaigns based on their behavior on your site. That makes your emails more relevant, effective, and valuable.
Each of your customers is unique, and they deserve to get emails from you that are tailored to them. Segment your order data using information like cart total and order status, and deliver targeted emails, personalized for each shopper.

Jilt segmentation
Jilt segmentation
Order data

Targeted email content

Segment your order data based on a range of rules, including cart size, billing country, and specific products.

Multiple rules

Maximum segment detail

Combine multiple rules to group your email recipients into hyper-targeted segments based on real-time order information.

Unlimited active campaigns

Run an unlimited number of campaigns, using segments to target specific groups of customers with highly personalized emails.

Personalized email content

Personalize your emails with dynamic content based on order & customer information.

Automatically updated

Segments automatically stay up-to-date as new customer data is collected.

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