Powerful Segmentation

Segmentation gives you more control over the lifecycle emails you send with Jilt by allowing you to define who gets your emails and why. By segmenting your audience, you can determine when and why specific customers get added to your email campaigns based on their behavior on your site. That makes your emails more relevant, effective, and valuable.

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Personalized, Responsive Emails

Our pre-designed email templates are designed to look great on any device, and they also let you personalize your recovery emails to include customer information. Want your own design instead? The templates are highly customizable, and we’re happy to work with you to ensure they look just the way you want.


Built-in Best Practices

Jilt lets you create an unlimited number of campaigns to save your lost revenue. When you create a new campaign, it automatically creates emails that follow industry best practices, letting you customize them from a great starting point.

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Customize Email Schedules

Each campaign consists of recovery emails that are automatically scheduled to send after the cart has been abandoned. You can customize this schedule as desired, letting you send emails minutes, hours, or days after a cart has been abandoned to recover revenue.


Track Order Abandonment

Abandoned and recovered orders are automatically tracked, which produces lots of stored data. Jilt handles all of this data for you to keep your site speedy while letting you track trends over time.

Any time a customer enters an email but doesn’t complete the order, Jilt logs the order and whether it remained abandoned or recovered.

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Maximize Email Deliverability

Since your recovery campaigns are sent directly from Jilt, these emails are already verified with tons of popular email services, ensuring that your email deliverability remains as high as possible, and that you can rely on emails getting to customers to save sales.

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Recover Guest and Registered Customers

Both customers who have an account on your site as well as guests will be sent recovery emails. So long as a customer has entered a valid email address at any point during checkout, Jilt will attempt to recover the sale with your scheduled emails.

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Jilt app integration

Seamless Integrations

Team Jilt members are experts in the platforms we work with, so you can be assured our integrations with WooCommerce, Shopify, and Easy Digital Downloads are more seamless than any other app you’ll try, and Jilt is designed to work with as many other plugins or apps as possible. Recover more orders because cart regeneration works exactly as you’d hope it does.

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Analyze Abandonment and Recovery

Jilt gives you insights into both your total abandoned and recovered revenue, along with metrics on campaign performance, so you can constantly evaluate and improve your recover efforts.