Use Zapier with Jilt to help you automate repetitive tasks

Use Zapier to connect Jilt to the other apps or tools you use on a regular basis. Using Actions and Triggers, you can pull data from other apps into Jilt, or send data from Jilt to a service of your choice.

This is how Zapier works with Jilt
Customer joins your community Slack
Add/Update Jilt Contact
Customize Contact
Add a "slack" tag to the customer
Segmented Campaigns
Send an email campaign targeting customers in Jilt tagged with "slack"

This is how Zapier works with Jilt

Say you have a Slack community for new customers and you want to send those customers targeted emails whenever they join.

Using Zapier, you could connect Jilt and Slack, so that whenever a new customer joins your Slack group (a trigger), a “slack” tag is added to their contact info in Jilt (an action). You can then use that tag to send a targeted, automated email to any customers who have joined your Slack group.

Of course, you can connect Jilt to any of the more than 1,500 apps available in Zapier!

Combine the power of Jilt and the endless integration potential of Zapier

Ready to connect your store’s email marketing efforts to… everything? You can, with Jilt and Zapier together.