WooCommerce Subscriptions—with the power of Jilt email automation

Use Jilt to send emails to your subscription customers, from pre-renewal notifications to cancellation win-backs.

Integrate Jilt with WooCommerce Subscriptions
Welcome email
Send new subscribers a single email, or a series.
Let customers know when their plan is changing, like when a free trial ending.
Send pre-renewal reminders, pre- and post-cancellation emails, and more.
Send cancellation or expiration emails, so customers know what to expect, or to win them back.

Integrate Jilt with WooCommerce Subscriptions

When enabled, the Jilt integration for WooCommerce Subscriptions will import subscription records from your WooCommerce store, and will add new email templates within Jilt. This allows you to send emails based on subscription status, trial end date, last payment date, next payment date, and more.

Get the full power of Jilt segmentation for all your Subscription emails!

Level up your Subscriptions with Jilt

It’s now easier than ever to communicate effectively with your WooCommerce Subscriptions customers, driving more sales and increasing engagement.