Below are some of the latest updates and additions we’ve made to Jilt. This list isn’t exhaustive of everything we’re doing, but focuses on the more important changes our users should know about. We update this page a few times each month.

February 2021 

🧾 You can now export invoices as PDFs. Export individual or multiple invoices in your account’s payment history and store them for your record keeping needs. Learn more and start exporting.

December 2020

βœ‰οΈ  Export email templates. Want to export your email templates for safekeeping? Export any email (except those created with Jilt’s legacy editor) and receive a ZIP file that contains the template’s HTML and image files. Click here to learn more.

πŸ’  Export your contacts. You can now export your full contact list, a selection of contacts, or a filtered segment. Learn more in our guide here.

October 2020

🎨 Six new broadcast templates for the holidays! We’ve released six new templates, just in time for the holiday season. Create a beautiful broadcast to announce your BFCM sale today. Click here to get started.

September 2020

πŸ“Š Broadcast reports help you retarget based on engagement. One of our most awaited features is here! Broadcast reports are full of actionable insights on your broadcast performance. Get metrics on your audience engagement and retarget contacts based on whether they opened, clicked, or took other actions on your broadcast. Read more about it here or click here to get started.

🏑 A new home within Jilt. We added an in-app homepage to Jilt, with tours, tutorials, and shortcuts to make it easier than ever to improve your email marketing. It’s now the first thing you’ll see when you log into the app.

🌟 We integrated with MailOptin! Encouraging your store visitors to sign up for your emails is a great way to drive more sales. With MailOptin, you can create beautiful forms that make capturing emails much easier. Your leads are then automatically synced to Jilt. Click here to get started.

August 2020

πŸ“ˆ Jilt Learn: optimize your email marketing! Why do you use email marketing? Most likely, to make money. Growing revenue and connecting with your customers is an art, and we’re helping you master in with Jilt Learn, the comprehensive email marketing guide.

🎨 Build better emails with our new email editor for automations. You can now create automation emails with a more powerful and flexible editor. This also means that it’s much easier to ensure that your automations and broadcast emails appear the same to recipients – a key to branding consistency!

πŸ—£ View your contact growth, at a glance. See how many new active contacts you’ve added to your audience, directly in your store heartbeat.

July 2020

🎯 Automate away! Isn’t it nice when your email marketing works wonders for you – on its own? We’ve improved our automations interface. It’s now easier to create, configure, and enable the email automations that will help you grow your store.

πŸ‘‹πŸ» Connect your store to Jilt when you sign up. We’ve made it much easier to connect your store to Jilt when you first create an account. We’re excited to welcome you aboard!

June 2020

πŸ” Find your account information more easily. Looking for your invoices? Not sure what your next bill will be? We’ve made it much easier to do all of these, and more. Head over to Settings > My account to check out the updated settings page!

May 2020

✨We added an integration with MailMunch! One of the most effective ways to grow your email list in Jilt is by encouraging the people already visiting your store website to sign up for your list. Our new integration with MailMunch makes that much easier by enabling you to collect new contacts and leads directly from your website using a variety of popups, forms, sliders, and landing pages. Click here for more details or to get started.

πŸ“Choose from seven additional templates. We added seven new pre-built “layout” templates to Jilt. These templates have pre-arranged blocks, but no design, colors, or images. Think of them as email blueprints meant to help you get started building common emails quickly, but allow you full freedom to design from the ground up!

April 2020

🎨Send beautiful emails even faster with more than 30 professional-designed, pre-built templates! One of the most requested features we get for Jilt is more templates to help you send amazing and effective emails even faster. We just rolled out 30+ templates for any occasion so you can get started more quickly and customize using our email editor to match your brand. We’ll be adding more templates frequently. (Have an idea for a template you’d like to see? Let us know!)

For Jilt customers on our paid plan, you can also save any broadcast as a template for future use! Templates are available for all broadcast emails and coming soon for automations and transactional emails. Learn more in our launch blog post.

February 2020

πŸ”»You can now downgrade or cancel your account from the billing area. We hate to see stores leave Jilt, but we understand that Jilt isn’t the right solution for everyone and that some stores aren’t ready for our paid plan. You can now downgrade to our free plan or cancel your plan altogether directly from the billing area. But before you do, let us know why you’re thinking about leaving! We may be able to help.

✏️Our new editor is live for all broadcast emails! We launched our powerful new drag-and-drop email editor in November to all new customers and those who requested access. Now we’re rolling it out to everyone for all new broadcast emails! Need help getting started? Check out our documentation or contact supportβ€”we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

January 2020

✨We added new actions and additional triggers to our Zapier integration. We improved our Zapier integration by adding actions, which allow you to do things like push new customer emails into Jilt from third-party services, automatically update existing customer records in Jilt, or unsubscribe a customer. We also added new triggers, which enable you to start a zap when someone receives, opens, or clicks a link in one of your automated emails. Learn more and get started.

πŸ“¨You can now send test emails to multiple addresses. You want your marketing emails to be perfect, and that’s why many Jilt have requested the ability to send test emails to more than one person in their organization at a time. You can now sent test mails to up to five email addresses! Simply write or paste email addresses into the email addresses box and away you go. Bonus: the “Send test email” window will remember up to the last five email addresses you used, so if you send test mails to the same people often, you won’t always have to manually enter their email addresses.

December 2019

✨We integrated Jilt with OptinMonster! You can now send contacts and leads collected via lead generation campaigns in OptinMonster to any contact list in Jilt. Read more in our blog post about the integration.

Use OptinMonster popups, slide-ins, and more to collect email addresses for your Jilt list.

πŸ”˜Static discounts are now automatically applied for customers. When you use your own discount code instead of a generated one via the static discount code block, those codes are now automatically applied to the cart when your your customers click through from the email. That makes it easier for customers to take advantage of your offers.

November 2019

πŸ’ΈDiscount code blocks now available for non-order emails. You can now add discount code blocks to more campaign types, like welcome emails, custom campaigns, and broadcasts. Want to incentivize new sign-ups to your list with a discount code? Now you can include one in your welcome email!

✏️Our new email editor has arrived! We’ve been hard at work over the past few months redesigning our entire email editing experience from the ground up to be more powerful and flexible. Here are a few of the things you can do with the new editor:

  • Take advantage of additional font options, like size and color
  • Crop, resize, and perform other image editing from within the editor
  • Search and add millions of free stock images to your emails
  • Design richer emails with more flexibility and control over layouts
  • Add more products to your emails with flexible product rows
  • Add more than one block type to each email
  • Create custom rows to better showcase content and products

Our new editor will enable you to create even more beautiful emails and it is available today for new broadcast emails! Accounts created on or after November 13 will see the editor automatically. Existing accounts can request access to the new editing experience by contacting support.

October 2019

πŸ’ΎPlugin release: Jilt for WooCommerce 1.7.0 and Jilt for EDD 1.5.0. The latest versions of the Jilt plugins for both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads stores are now available. Along with bug fixes and a minor tweaks, the updated versions of our WordPress plugins bring the ability for Woo and EDD stores to embed a Jilt email subscribe form via widget or shortcode.

Stores on those platforms should see a notification on their WordPress dashboard to upgrade. For full details on what’s new in each release, see for WooCommerce and EDD.

πŸ“ŠReal-time stats are live for Broadcasts! We rebuilt our metrics reporting engine so you can get stats on your emails, like open rates and click-through rates, as soon as you send them. The improved stats are now live for all new broadcasts sent. We’ll be migrating all other email reporting to our new, faster system by Q1 2020.

September 2019

πŸ“Signup forms are here! Stores can now collect email addresses from non-customers via a customizable pop-up form that’s shown after a timed delay or upon exit intent. We’re also actively working on integrations with more advanced, third-party pop-up tools, so stay tuned!

πŸŽ›οΈContacts can now be added to lists in bulk. You can now select multiple contacts at once and assign them all to a list with a single click. Conveniently, you can also now remove contacts from lists in bulk, too!

August 2019

🧩New segmentation rules. You can now filter and segment contacts by unsubscribe reason, as well as active, archived, or suppressed status.

⬆️Import lists via CSV. Self-serve list import is here! While we love hearing from you, we’re excited that you no longer have to contact support to import a contact list to your Jilt account. πŸŽ‰Now you can upload a properly-formatted CSV file and all those contacts will be added to your list.

πŸ‘€Full-text search for contacts by name or email address. Remember the full-text search we mentioned in July? It’s now available for contact names and email addresses. Over time, we’ll expand this to include other contact information like billing details.

πŸ™…Control which manager access by store. Do you have more than one store connected to your Jilt account? Now, when adding managers to your account, you can control which shops each manager has access to. (Note: for now, you can only change this setting when adding a new manager. To make changes to an existing manager, remove them and re-add them with the desired permissions.)

πŸ—„οΈContacts can now be archived (or activated) in bulk. Sometimes there are customers you don’t really have a need to engage with right now. You don’t want to remove them completely, but you don’t want to keep paying for them either. We’ve added a feature allowing you to bulk-select and archive or activate any contacts on your list. You won’t be able to email contacts while they’re archived, and you won’t be charged for them. Contacts will automatically be re-activated if they make a purchase.

πŸ“£Broadcasts are out of beta! Hundreds of stores have helped us test our new broadcast emails feature by sending millions of newsletters and announcement emails over the past few months. Now we’re rolling Broadcasts out to everyone! Read more.

July 2019

🧩New segmentation rules. You can now segment emails and campaigns by customer name, and “lists” is now available as a segmentation rule for automations and transactional emails (previously it was only available for broadcasts beta users).

πŸ‘₯Easier contact editing is here. You can now see and edit important contact information from one screen. Click on an individual contact from your list to call up and edit information like Name, Email, Phone, Location, and Tags all on one screen.

πŸ’ΈOur free plan just got better. On the Jilt free plan? Good news! We just added access to customer tagging, free form campaigns, and beta access to broadcast emails (newsletters and announcements). Note: these new features are available only to those on the list-based free plan. Not sure which one you’re on? Get in touch with support and we’ll help you out.

🧩You can now segment by product collection. You’ve always been able to segment your audience by who has purchased individual products, but for stores with large numbers of SKUs, that wasn’t always super helpful. Maybe you want to send an emails to anyone who purchased a t-shirt, not just a specific t-shirt. Now you can! Jilt now supports product collections as a segmentation rule.

πŸ” You can now filter contacts by name. Previously, you could only search your list of contacts by email address. That was frustrating and made it harder to navigate to specific contacts. We’ll be adding full text search in the future, but in the meantime, we’ve added a new filter rule for contact name, allowing you to zero in on contacts much more easily.