WooCommerce abandoned cart support is live

WooCommerce support has arrived for Jilt!

Let’s crack open a bottle of champagne and go through some of the features that Jilt for WooCommerce offers to help you save lost sales and drive additional revenue.

I covered some of what our Jilt integration will do in our WooCommerce plugin teaser, but we’ll take a deeper look at the new plugin and what this means for Jilt today.

Fast and reliable

Jilt now offers the fastest, most reliable WooCommerce abandoned cart solution available. We built Jilt for WooCommerce to scale up to thousands of concurrent customer sessions at a time, tracking all of these sessions for abandonment and sending them to Jilt without slowing down your site.

We’re 100% confident we’ve got the tightest integration available for WooCommerce. As we’ve built over 60 of the official extensions in the WooCommerce.com marketplace, our team is intimately familiar with best practices and edge cases.

Because of this, we’ve dug really deeply into WooCommerce to make sure that Jilt stores and regenerates all of the data possible for each abandoned order, and it does so seamlessly and in a way that makes it compatible with tons of plugins (like Product add-ons, Subscriptions, or Measurement price calculator) right out of the box. No other WooCommerce abandoned cart solution will fit this neatly into your store’s workflows.

Supports guest users

When a registered user adds an item to his or her cart, it’s straightforward for Jilt to track when this customer continues browsing and if they abandon the cart before purchasing.

What’s a lot more difficult is to try to capture an email for guest users on your site, as this lets Jilt recover abandoned orders from far more visitors. To do so, Jilt listens to your checkout page for customer information, and as soon as a valid email address is available, Jilt stashes this order information. If the order is abandoned, recovery emails can now be sent to save the sale.

Cart regeneration

The fewer steps between a customer and completing checkout, the better. Jilt for WooCommerce eliminates as many steps as possible between the customer clicking a recovery link and placing an order.

When a customer clicks a purchase link in a recovery email, Jilt for WooCommerce ensures the cart is fully regenerated so the customer can place an order with one click:

  • the products in the cart are restored, along with any variations or options that were selected
  • the chosen shipping method is re-selected, along with the chosen payment method. No payment details are saved or regenerated for security, even if the customer started entering them. We have to worry about PCI compliance just like you ๐Ÿ™‚
  • if any coupons were applied, they’ll be reapplied to the order.

When a customer clicks a recovery link in an email, they’re ready to complete an order as soon as they select a credit card or enter a new one.

One-click login

If a registered customer clicks on a recovery email link, we can take them right to the checkout with all account information available: Jilt for WooCommerce will automatically log in registered users.

We can do this because Jilt has grabbed their email directly from WordPress, so we know it’s associated with their account. This way, when the recovery email is sent to them, we can safely log the customer in and let them complete the purchase right away. As a side bonus, this also ensures the order is linked to their customer account so the lifetime value in your customer report is accurate.

Please note that, while this is a safe thing to do for customer accounts, Jilt for WooCommerce will never do this or accounts with higher permission, so your admin account or shop manager accounts will never be logged in automatically (just to be safe).

Personalize emails

One of the more powerful features that Jilt offers is the ability to personalize recovery emails with merge tags for customer name, line items, etc (along with setting a fallback if a name isn’t available). Jilt for WooCommerce ensures that you have this data available whenever possible.

If a customer has entered a name along with an email address, Jilt for WooCommerce will pass that back to the app so you can personalize your recovery emails whenever possible.

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Track open rates and recoveries

Since Jilt for WooCommerce is passing all order data into Jilt, we can accurately track your abandoned orders and show you which ones have been placed (without Jilt’s help) or recovered (with Jilt’s help).

Jilt app all orders
All orders.

You can also see your outbound emails to get insight into which emails are opened and which campaign they’re from.

Jilt app all emails

Jilt will also abort emails if a previous email leads to a recovery, so your customers are never emailed when they shouldn’t be.

Coming soon: Dashboard improvements

While this is a big milestone for us, we’re not done yet! This is only the beginning for Jilt and its WooCommerce integration ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ll be continuing to improve Jilt for WooCommerce, adding support for different extensions and workflows for capturing emails. On the app side, we’re also working on reporting that will match our legacy app (v2), then we’ll be adding more insights into the dashboard, along with recommendations for what we learn across all Jilt shops.

Ready to get started today? Go ahead and download the WooCommerce plugin; you can try Jilt for at least 14 days completely free — your trial won’t start until you recover your first order.