Display wholesale discount notices with WooCommerce dynamic pricing

We’ve already showed you how you can create a WooCommerce wholesale store, as well as how you can manage wholesale customers and use wholesale applications to create and approve wholesale customers.

The one necessary plugin to create this WooCommerce wholesale system is WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing, which lets you adjust pricing based on bulk discounts or user roles. However, one of the biggest complaints with Dynamic Pricing is how the wholesale discounts are displayed as sometimes it’s not possible to show your customers that they can get a discount.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing: Display wholesale pricing

First, when does WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing show your customers if they can get a discount?

The plugin will show your customers they can get a discount if (1) they have the right role for the discount (such as “Wholesale Customer”), and (2) if it’s a “simple” discount that doesn’t require a minimum quantity.

For some shops, wholesale customers will always have a discounted price for some or all products, regardless of the quantity purchased. In this case, Dynamic Pricing will let the customer know that the product is discounted by using a strikethrough on the original price and showing the discounted price instead (similar to a sale price).

For example, if a category discount only affects one category, and the minimum quantity required is 0, your wholesale customers will see a discount available when viewing a product.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Wholesale Discount
Create Wholesale Discount
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Zero Discount Display
Wholesale Discount Displayed

Non-wholesale customers will not see this discounted pricing displayed.

So what are other situations in which Dynamic Pricing will display a discounted price to wholesale customers? First, if a role discount is active, as these do not require minimum purchases or complex rules (they’re shop-wide).

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Role Discount
Create Role Discounts
WooCommerce Dynamic pricing Role Discount
Role Discount Displayed

Second, if a category discount is active (though these discounts do not depend on roles and will be shown to everyone).

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Category Discount
Category Discount Created
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Category Discount
Category Discounts displayed

And last, if a product-specific discount doesn’t require a minimum purchase the discounted price is shown.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Product Discount
Create Product Discounts
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Product Discount Displayed
Product Discount Displayed

However, once rules get more complicated than this, discounts may not be shown.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing: No discount display

Once discounts require minimum quantities or affect multiple categories, Dynamic Pricing does not display discounted prices. For example, I can set a pricing rule that lets wholesale customers get a discount if 25 or more posters are purchased.

In this case, it’s not clear how the rule should be displayed: should a notice be displayed shop-wide? Should it show on products in the poster category only? Should it show for all quantities under 25, or only when a minimum quantity is already in the cart, such as 10 posters?

When a product has a more complex pricing rule added, it looks like any other product in the shop:

WooCommerce dynamic pricing no discount displayed

This probably isn’t ideal, as you want to tell customers that they can get a discount (especially if they expect a wholesale discount!). If you’d like to inform customers of more complex discounts, you can do so with a plugin that works alongside of Dynamic Pricing: WooCommerce Conditional Content.

Show complex discounts with WooCommerce Conditional Content

Since some Dynamic Pricing discounts have complex rules, WooCommerce Conditional Content lets you determine what should be shown to customers to inform them of the discount, and when it should be shown.

Let’s return to our example above: a 10% discount if 25 or more items in the “Poster” category are purchased. We can go to WooCommerce > Content Blocks to set up a new conditional content message.

I can create a message that always displays, or depends on one or more of the following:

  • Product Type or Attributes
  • Product Page being viewed
  • Product Category
  • Product Price
  • Sale Starting / Ending Dates
  • On sale status
  • Stock Status or Level
  • Specific Customer or User Role
  • Cart Total (Amount)
  • Cart Product Quantity
  • Cart Category Quantity
  • Customer’s Country

In this case, I’ll create a message that only displays if the customer role is wholesale customer, if the product is in the “Poster” category, and if there are fewer than 25 posters in the cart.

WooCommerce Conditional Content Setup
New Conditional Content Notice

If these conditions are met, the message will be displayed on the product page:

WooCommerce Conditional Content Display
Notice Displayed

If a product that’s not in the poster category is viewed, or more than 25 posters are in the cart, then the message will disappear.

WooCommerce Conditional Content becomes very helpful for discount rules that span several categories or become far more complex, and shop owners can determine what kind of message they want shown and when.

Let’s set up a 10% discount that will be added if 5 products from the “Music” or “Poster” categories are purchased. We’ll discount products in both of these categories by 10% if they meet the 5 item minimum:

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Complex Discount
Discount for Multiple Categories

I want to create a message that displays (1) if the product being viewed is in either of these categories, and (2) if there are fewer than 5 items in the cart from both the “Music” and “Poster” categories. I could also restrict the role again to “Wholesale Customer” if I wanted to.

WooCommerce Conditional Content complex message rules
Multiple Category Discount Message

I’m also going to add a bit of CSS to my stylesheet so my message sticks out:

.wccc-content-block {
    background: #3c3c3c;
    color: #fff;
    padding: 10px;
    margin-bottom: 10px;

.wccc-content-block a {
    color: #71b02f;

Now a message will be shown if a product is in one of these two categories, and the cart does not yet contain 5 items from either “Posters” or “Music”:

WooCommerce Conditional Content Notice Styles
Styled Discount Message

Once the 5 item minimum is met, the notice will disappear, and items in the cart will be discounted:

WooCommerce Conditional Content Notice Removed
Message Removed


WooCommerce Conditional Content is a great companion to WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing, as it lets you determine how pricing rules and discounts are displayed to your customers, as well as when they’re shown. While Dynamic Pricing will display simple discount rules automatically, it doesn’t display complex discount rules automatically, as they’re influenced by several factors and you may only want to display a message if a certain quantity is already in the cart.

Conditional Content lets you create these customized messages to inform customers of potential discounts, and you can also determine where the message is displayed on the product page.

WooCommerce Conditional Content Moved
Location Changed to Below Price

You can set messages based on several factors, such as customer role, product category, cart quantities, and others, and can use and / or logic to determine when these messages are shown.

These rules let you determine how you’d like to inform customers of your Dynamic Pricing discounts or pricing tiers without the need to add them to product descriptions or via custom code.

Beka Rice
Beka Rice is the Head of Product at Jilt. She works on app improvements, integration plugins, helping merchants improve recovery campaigns, and shares tutorials on reducing abandonment or improving recovery on our blog.