Value of cart regeneration for eCommerce stores

Think about an experience where you were shopping on an online store. You picked some items you liked and added them to your cart. You left before completing your purchase. If you receive a cart abandonment email from the company after some time that takes you back to their store, how convenient is it if you picked up your shopping cart exactly how you left it.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how adding an additional layer of convenience for customers in cart abandonment emails helps improve conversions even further.

Cart regeneration: What is it?

Cart session regeneration is the ability to restore all components of a shopping session for the customer including products added to the cart, discounts codes used, selected shipping methods, and other cart features. This means that if a customer abandoned their cart and didn’t complete their purchase, they pick up the experience where they left off whenever they go back to the store.

This regeneration is especially useful when customers are prompted to go back to the store through a cart abandonment email.

Cart regeneration: Why eCommerce stores need it?

According to a case study, over half of abandonment emails are opened on a different device than the one on which the cart was originally created. This means that customers may start browsing on one device – desktop at work or mobile device while away from home – but will likely purchase from another at their convenience.

Regeneration makes this process seamless for customers creating a positive customer experience. This also eliminates barriers and steps for them to complete their purchase as they don’t need to add products all over again. This helps improve conversion numbers for eCommerce stores.

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Cart regeneration: How effective is it?

Regenerating the cart can lead to around 34 percent increase in recoveries since it cuts down the number of steps required to purchase. Once back on your store, all customers have to do is finish the checkout. All the previous effort and time they had spent on your store is preserved so they don’t have to redo what they’ve already done.

Key takeaways

Cart abandonment emails from your stores help regain lost revenue. You can boost conversions even further by ensure cart regeneration so that customers are taken back to where they left off. This not only creates a better customer experience on your site, but also reduces the steps customers need to take before completing their purchase. With the cart looking like the way they left it, customers are put back into the same frame of mind when they started adding items to the cart.

Cart regeneration is one of the features within Jilt where it will recreate the cart completely for customers. This feature works on all platforms supported by the app – WooCommerce, Shopify, and Easy Digital Downloads.

Does your store currently regenerate cart sessions for customers? What has your experience been like? Please share in the comments below.

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