Now send emails from your own domain, and other improvements

Since our last update, we’ve been working away on a variety of features and improvements, including the ability to send emails from your own domain, and some improvements to the Shopify onboarding experience. Read on for details on all the latest updates to be added to Jilt.

New Features

Send Emails From Your Own Domain

You can now securely send campaign emails from your own domain rather than Jilt’s default Enabling this provides a number of benefits: from improved deliverability, to increased trust on behalf of your recipients, and the assurance that all replies from you customers will end up in your inbox regardless of what email client your customers use (looking at you Mail for Windows 10!)

Send emails from your own domain

Take a look at our guide to start using your own domain on recovery emails, or get in touch with us for some personalized assistance with getting your DNS records correctly configured.

Pre-Jilt Orders Now Imported from Shopify

All new Shopify installations automatically now import the last 30 days of orders and abandoned carts. From your first day with Jilt, your dashboard provides an up-to-date overview of all your recent orders and abandons.

Want to get these past orders added to your current campaign and start the day off right with a recovery or two? Give us a shout and we’ll get them scheduled for you.


Weekly Account Summaries

You’ve probably noticed a new arrival in your inbox: Jilt’s weekly account summary email, which replaced our previous system of sending a notification for every recovery. In addition to no longer flooding your inbox with recovery notifications, you can now view your weekly recovery data at a glance and, with the click of a button, open up the Jilt dashboard to get a more in-depth look. It’s never been easier to keep an eye on your campaign.

Weekly Summary Report
Your weekly review – right to your inbox

View unsubscribe rates per email

Meet the new campaign data set on the Jilt dashboard: Unsubscribed.

Jilt's Unsubscribed Data
Unsubscribed info has been added to your Jilt Dashboard

This data is compiled from spam complaints, hardbounces, and customers clicking the unsubscribe’ links in your emails. With this information at hand, you’ll be able to better monitor how responsive your customers are to your recovery attempts and make any needed adjustments to your messages.

Speaking of spam, some customers end up marking recovery emails as such instead of unsubscribing. We’ve made sure they’re now always automatically unsubscribed from the recovery campaign to prevent receiving any additional unwanted emails.

Easier Sign Up for Shopify Stores

For Shopify merchants, signing up for Jilt has never been easier! After adding our app from the Shopify App Store, Jilt uses your store info to register a new account. No need to spend time filling out information or generating yet another password (you are using unique 32 character special character-filled passwords for all your online accounts, right!?) Instead, focus on setting up your first abandoned cart campaign and recovering some lost revenue.

Serving Up More Speed

Your time is precious. So we’ve made a number of background enhancements that will serve up your data more quickly. Specifically, Jilt’s Dashboard, Orders, and Outbound Emails have received a considerable boost in load times. Get more done, more quickly.

UI Polish

An Improved Error Page

Hopefully you won’t ever encounter an error page on Jilt. But if all else fails, and you’ve come across a broken link or a hyperlink with a spelling error, we’ve made sure to let you know and get you back to a familiar spot within Jilt.

Our new error page is, well, significantly better than our old one. But you don’t have to take our word for it:

Error page from old to new
Can you guess which one is new?

Coming Soon

We’re busy working on the next set of features and enhancements. Some things to watch out for in the coming weeks include:

  • Send automatic post-purchase emails and increase your revenue by offering a discount off a future order, asking for product reviews, or just getting feedback from your customers on their shopping experience
  • Better tracking of your visits and conversions by automatically including Google Analytics campaign parameters on recovery links
  • Quickly see when an order was placed from a recovery email, now available for Shopify stores (via the upcoming Order Visit details feature)
  • Improvements setting up your domain for emails, based on feedback we’ve received from customers (thank you!)

Have any feedback or suggestions for how we can improve Jilt? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Justin Stern
Justin Stern is Jilt's co-founder and CTO. He drives technical direction for our Jilt app and all integration plugins or apps, and can often be found helping with technical questions about Jilt.