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Unified Jilt settings and pay by PayPal

It’s been an exciting month for us! We’ve launched not one, but yes, two really exciting integrations for WooCommerce stores. Send emails to members from WooCommerce Memberships or to subscribers from WooCommerce Subscriptions. You can read more about those changes here.

While summer is winding down (at least here in the northern hemisphere), we’re not. These new integrations open up some exciting things for Jilt that we’ll share more about in Q4. In the meantime, we have some nifty updates now to share as well!

Win-back and replenishment emails for all stores

We recently announced that Jilt supports a lot of new email templates. To follow back up on this announcement, replenishment reminders and win-back emails are now available to WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads stores!

Fun fact: win-back emails can re-engage up to 10-12% of your lapsed customers. We just published a guide to creating effective win-back campaigns, so start sending! 📬

Centralized settings in Jilt

“Hmm, I want to send emails for on-hold orders, is that in the Jilt plugin, or in Jilt?”

If you use Shopify, you don’t worry about this too much, because everything is already in Jilt. If you use WordPress, that’s a question we never want you to have to ask, and we can solve it! Since we already have settings management in Jilt for Shopify stores, we can show the same thing to WordPress stores. We’ve now migrated all settings from Jilt for WooCommerce and into Jilt so you have one place to manage everything.

Jilt unified settings

When you upgrade to Jilt for WooCommerce version 1.5.4, your existing settings will synced to Jilt automatically, and then removed from your plugin settings in WordPress.

Jilt for WooCommerce settings

(With the exception of delayed account registration, as this doesn’t require a Jilt connection.)

You can then manage settings exclusively in Jilt going forward! This change is coming to Jilt for EDD soon as well.

PayPal payments

Non-U.S. merchants, we hear you! You’re not always a huge fan of using a credit card for payments. We have worked with some merchants do to invoicing via PayPal instead, but this is a pretty cumbersome process, and has stopped us from offering PayPal far and wide.

We’ve now built PayPal support into Jilt, so you can add PayPal as a payment method instead. When you add a payment method to your account, you can add a saved credit card, or link a PayPal account.

Jilt: Pay with PayPal

In either case, your subscription will run smoothly with no action needed from you for renewals.

Coming soon

We always have new features or tweaks in progress. ⚙️ We’re currently working on:

  • Regenerating Shopify carts: We added the ability to capture email addresses while browsing to Shopify earlier this summer. However, we still require the customer to reach checkout at some point so we can recover the cart. Now, we’re ensuring that we can regenerate Shopify carts to make these carts recoverable, too.
  • Now that Jilt has all of this information about your customers, it would be great to let you segment based on this data and tell Jilt more about customers, right? Customer tagging is on the way to help you segment customers even further! Tag your VIPs, warm leads, gold members, social promoters, and more.

👋 That’s a wrap! Live long and send emails. 🖖