Send transactional emails with Jilt

Of all the emails you can send from your store, transactional emails have the highest engagement rate: things like receipts, shipment notifications, and refund confirmations. These emails are opened 4-8x more than broadcasts like newsletters, and customers see them as much more valuable than other types of email. But, they also tend to be difficult to customize.

Transactional emails are often provided by your eCommerce platform and designed to be a one-size-fits-all email for stores, which means your transactional emails are either very basic or you have to work with a developer to set up a custom template. Even worse, there’s limited segmentation or personalization (like sending a different receipt to VIP customers) and it’s challenging to measure the success of your emails — are your customers ignoring them or actively engaging?

Today, we’re excited to share that you can now send your transactional emails with Jilt!

Screenshot of transactional email list

Like our existing lifecycle emails, our new transactional email campaigns come with pre-written default content and sending rules, so you can get started quickly. Use our drag-and-drop editor to easily design beautiful emails that will delight your customers:

Animation showing the email editor for a transactional email

and then measure their effectiveness with detailed email analytics:

Screenshot of the email analytics for a transactional email campaign

Most importantly, using Jilt means your transactional emails have access to the power of our advanced segmentation engine. With just a few clicks, you can do things like send unique shipment notifications to customers from different countries or states, or send a different receipt to VIP customers with a high order total. Use advanced personalization to make sure that even your automated notifications are engaging and highly relevant to your customers.

Screenshot of a list of order shipping confirmation emails

Here are all the new transactional emails you can start sending today:

  • Receipts – Much more than a transaction record, receipts keep customers engaged and informed. They have the highest open rates, so use Jilt to turn your receipt emails into highly targeted sales machines. (Learn about getting the most from receipts.)
  • Shipping confirmations – Eliminate “where’s my order?” questions by notifying customers when their order has shipped. Shipping confirmations help you turn one-time buyers into loyal, repeat customers. (Learn about getting the most from shipping confirmations.)
  • Order cancellations – Cancellations aren’t great, but they happen. Turn a bad situation into a potential win by sending rich cancellation notifications that suggest related products or ask for feedback.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be adding more emails, including refund and order completed notifications. These new transactional email campaign templates are available today for all platforms!

Ready to start sending more effective transactional emails?

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