Segmentation: a new way to deliver personalized eCommerce emails

We built Jilt with a simple goal: provide shop owners with the easiest and most effective way to communicate with their customers and increase revenue. Jilt started by offering the most comprehensive abandoned cart recovery tool, and we’ve helped merchants earn over $28,000,000 in extra revenue. A couple of months ago, we added post purchase follow up emails to Jilt, providing shop owners a whole new way to connect with their customers. Today, we’re excited to announce our biggest new feature yet: segmentation!

Here’s the bottom line: email is the best channel for eCommerce stores to boost revenue, but it works best when you send the right emails to the right people at the right time. Jilt’s new segmentation feature allows shop owners to intelligently and precisely target emails so they’re even more effective.

Your store collects a lot of data, from order size to customer location to which products are in a customer’s cart. Segmentation lets you leverage that data to deliver highly personalized messages to your customers.

Segment by order total

With Jilt’s segmentation, you’re no longer limited to one campaign of each email type that’s delivered to everyone. You can now direct unique emails to different customers based on specific behaviors and events. For example, you could have one shopping cart abandonment campaign for cart sizes over $100, and another for smaller carts. Or, you could send a localized email to customers from a specific country. Or make sure first-time buyers see a different message than loyal, repeat customers.

Segmentation lets you understand your customers better than ever before and create personalized email marketing campaigns that speak directly to them.

You can apply segmentation rules to existing cart abandonment and post purchase email campaigns, or segment your orders to create entirely new campaigns. Soon, we’ll be adding a number of new campaign templates, so you can quickly get started using segmentation to supercharge your email marketing!


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