Recommended products, new shipping and tax reporting, and better product titles

The entire Jilt team is about to hop on planes, some of us traveling halfway around the world, for our annual team retreat (this year in Lake Tahoe, California!). But before we ship out for our team meetup, we’re shipping you some shiny new Jilt features. This month we added a related products block to the email editor, improved our reporting for shipping and tax payments, and more.

Related product blocks

Product recommendations are awesome. They’re one of the best ways to increase order values on your site, and in your marketing emails they increase open rates, boost click-through rates, increase sales conversions, and produce higher average order values for orders that are placed as the result of an email. That’s why we’re so excited about the new related product blocks now available in our email editor for Shopify stores (support for WooCommerce is coming in Jilt for WC v1.5, and for Easy Digital Downloads in Jilt for EDD v1.4).

Adding related products can improve the value of every email you send with Jilt — you can boost the value of related carts or increase the chances of repeat buying when sending post purchase emails.

The related products block recommends similar items to the current cart (for abandoned cart campaigns) or order (for post purchase campaigns). Jilt selects which related items to display by looking at product features such as collection (or category), tags, brands, and product title and showing items with similar attributes. The products chosen are also weighted toward cart contents, so the items that best match all items in the cart or order are shown.

Adding related products to an email is as easy as dragging a block into your email template using the Jilt email editor. You can control the number of items shown, whether or not images are displayed, and you can customize the product link text.

For Shopify users, if you’ve already connected your store, contact us to enable this for your account. (New users will have related product blocks enabled automatically.)

Include shipping and taxes in recovery totals

Shop owners using Jilt employ a number of different types of pricing variants (such as tax inclusive pricing, tax exclusive pricing, etc.). That’s why Jilt supports shops with varied pricing and tax structures. But one pricing strategy we hadn’t foreseen is shops that give away free products and make money by charging for shipping and handling instead, or charge additional amounts for some shipping methods to increase profits.

Those types of shops weren’t getting an accurate picture of their recovered revenue in Jilt. As a result, we’ve now added a setting to include shipping fees and taxes in your recovered revenue calculations, which you can enable by going to the “Settings” menu in Jilt. Essentially, this setting will use the order total rather than subtotal for revenue calculations.

Variant product titles

We added {{ line_item.variant_title }} as an available email template option. This allows you to use the variant title from your shopping cart, rather than the general product title, which is useful if you want to include more detailed item titles in your email blocks.