New in Jilt: Pop-up forms, contact management improvements

We have team members spread across the globe in over half a dozen countries, but the majority of our team is in the northern hemisphere where fall has started bringing cooler weather and shorter days. As the season changes, so does Jilt. 

We make improvements to Jilt every day, from minor fixes to big feature releases, and in September, we launched a couple of highly requested new features.

As always, you can check out our changelog page any time to get the rundown on recent changes or additions to Jilt. We add to the changelog throughout the month as we roll out updates to Jilt.

Signup forms

When we launched broadcast emails earlier this year we closed the loop on making Jilt an all-in-one email marketing platform for your eCommerce brand. You can now use Jilt to send each and every one of your store’s marketing emails. But store owners kept asking us, “How do I get non-customers on my list?” 

Jilt syncs all your store data, so anyone who makes a purchase or abandons a cart is automatically added to your contact list. But for non-customers, the only way to get them into Jilt was by manually importing them from another source, like a CSV file—until now.

Your store can now collect email addresses via a customizable, pop-up form that you set up in Jilt and can be triggered on your site by a timed delay or on exit-intent!

Emails you collect this way can be added to one or multiple lists, and you can also automatically add tags to these contacts. 

We’re also hard at work on integrations with some more robust third party tools. We’ll announce more details about those integrations soon.

Bulk contact management

Adding and removing contacts from lists one at a time is fine if your list is only a couple dozen people. But what if you have thousands, or tens of thousands, or (dare we dream?) millions of contacts on your list? Yeah, that would be a pain to manage one by one.

Now you can bulk add or remove individual contacts from one or more of your lists. Just select as many as you want and using the “Actions” drop down.

You can also edit tags and activate or archive contacts in bulk from the same menu (this is a change we added in August).

Coming soon

Aside from the integrations with other email collection apps we mentioned earlier, we’re working on a couple of other big projects right now.

First, we’re completely overhauling and upgrading our email editor. Our new email editor will make it even easier for you to design beautiful emails, with more advanced layouts and more powerful customization features. Interested in helping us test it out? Get in touch.

We’re also improving our broadcast metrics so the numbers you see on your dashboard are always up-to-date. Right now, it takes our system a bit of time to chew through all the data to present you with an accurate picture of how your broadcast emails are performing. After we make some upgrades, we’ll be able to provide campaign results in real time, meaning you’ll always have an accurate and real-time picture of your email performance so you can make better business decisions. 💪

See ya next time!