Personalize subject lines in recovery emails

We’ve pushed an app update this week that we think you’ll love! Jilt can now help you personalize subject lines in your recovery emails using customer or cart information.

You can now use the same merge tags you’ve been using in email content to insert customer names, product titles, or other cart data in your subject lines.

If you want to see merge tags or examples in the app, you can click on the help link below the subject input to get a quick reference:

Jilt app: Subject merge tags

Why personalize subject lines

Alright, so the first question: why would I want to personalize subject lines for my Jilt emails?

Personalizing your subject line can increase both your open rates and clickthrough rates for a given email:

Personalized emails had a 5.13 percent higher average open rate than the regular emails…they also had 17.36 percent higher clickthrough rate

Marketing Sherpa

Personalized subject lines can also increase transaction rates, meaning you can use them to improve recovery rate and increase recovered revenue.

While most commonly this is in the form of using the customer name in the email subject line, you can also include information about the abandoned cart to personalize your subject line as well.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of the new tools you have available to personalize subject lines with Jilt.

Example 1: Include customer name

Personalizing subject lines with a recipient name is controversial business. Some sources state unequivocally that it decreases open rates, while others insist it definitively increases open rates.

I tend to find MailChimp’s analysis of this most interesting: including the customer’s first name is most effective when your subject line sounds like it’s talking to the customer. It could yield decreases in open rates, but it could also increase them—it depends on context.

For example, something like this personalization can be effective:

Beka, your order is waiting :)

While something like this may not:

Beka: Your shopping cart with Jilt

Using someone’s name has to be done intentionally; it must be personal, but also justify the space it uses in the valuable subject line, so it’s a great tool for conversational email subjects.

If you want to include a customer’s first name, you can add a merge tag for this easily: {{ customer.first_name }}

You can even set a default as a fallback in case Jilt doesn’t have access to the customer name when sending the email: {{ customer.first_name | default: 'Hey there' }}

Let’s personalize our subject line with a question:

Hey {{ customer.first_name | default: 'there' }}, did you forget something?
Jilt app: add customer name to subject

If we have the customer name, it will now be shown in the subject line of the email:

Jilt email: customer name used in email

If the customer name wasn’t available (perhaps they hadn’t yet entered it at checkout) this will instead read, “Hey there, did you forget something?”

Example 2: Include product name

If including a first name doesn’t fit with your email’s tone, you can also personalize the subject line using an item in the cart. The line_items tag will let you access items in the cart in your email content.

To insert the name of the first item in the cart, you could use this merge tag in your subject line:
{{ order.line_items[0].title }}

This can be a great way to create a sense of urgency in your second or third email by saying the product may go out of stock:

Hurry, {{ order.line_items[0].title }} may not last!
Jilt app: include product name

When the email is sent, the first item in the cart will now be inserted into the subject line:

Jilt email: product in subject

If you’re leery of using cusotmer names, then a product name is a great way to provide a personalized email subject, while also leveraging urgency or social proof (ie, “Customers love {product name}, you will too :)”).

Example 3: Include order total

If you’d like to be more generic about your personalizations, then the order total is probably the safest place for you to start. You can insert this into your subject line using the total price merge tag: {{ order.total_price }}

This can show the customer basic information about the cart so they know the email is relevant, but it can also be a way to address a leading cause of abandonment: 24 percent of customers cite, “I couldn’t see / calculate order total costs up front,” as a reason for leaving the order.

Let’s add this as part of our subject line for a third email:

Last chance! Complete your order worth {{ order.total_price }}
Jilt app: order total in email subject

Now the customer will see the order total inserted in the subject line when sent, which can provide a great way to personalize your final recovery email:

Jilt email: order total in subject

Get personal!

This feature is available in your Jilt account now, so go ahead and personalize subject lines right away! If you’d like some assistance in personalizing or using merge tags, we’re always happy to help, just let our team know what you’re working towards and we’ll get you squared away smile


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