New: Use OptinMonster to grow your Jilt contact list

One of the most effective ways to grow your store’s contact list is to simply ask visitors to your website to sign up for email updates. We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with OptinMonster to make it easier to do just that! You can now connect any OptinMonster lead generation campaign to your Jilt account to add new contacts to your list directly from your website or landing pages. 

This has been a highly-requested integration at Jilt so we’re very excited to offer our customers an additional way to build their email lists!

What it does

OptinMonster builds a variety of online tools to help businesses of all sizes capture emails, grow their subscribership, generate leads, and make more sales. You can use OptinMonster’s drag-and-drop builder to create your forms, then display them on your site as inline forms, lightbox pop-ups, full screen welcome mats, slide-in boxes, floating bars, gated content, mobile-optimized pop-ups, and more. The forms can be triggered in numerous ways, as well: on exit intent, scroll depth, inactivity, timed delay, after the user has clicked a link, and more.

By connecting to Jilt, collected email addresses from your forms are added to any of your connected stores’ lists, and you can add tags to track things like where on your site people signed up, which OptinMonster campaign they interacted with, and more. Then use those tags to personalize the emails you send!

Why you’d use it

More than 90 percent of people who visit an eCommerce site for the first time aren’t there to buy. They’re often doing research, comparison shopping, just browsing, or checking out content. Unfortunately, between 70 and 96 percent of them will never come back.

All new contacts collected via the integration will show “OptinMonster” as the signup source, but you can add any additional tags you want!

Your goal is to get those visitors into your funnel to begin the process of turning them into customers so not only do they return to your site, they also make a purchase. That’s where email collection forms comes in. One study found that 22 percent of eCommerce sites don’t make it obvious to visitors how to sign up for their email list, but by using lead capture tools, you can get some of those visitors to sign up for your email marketing contact list in Jilt.

The average pop-up converts at three percent, with the best pop-ups converting at nine percent and above. Exit-intent pop-ups can convert at 10 to 15 percent; gated content can convert at 19 to 45 percent. Any of OptinMonster’s lead capture tools can be used to gather email addresses and grow your contact list in Jilt.

Choose Jilt as your Email Provider in OptinMonster and then select a connected store.

How you’d use it

There are countless ways you can use OptinMonster’s lead capture tools to grow your list on Jilt. Here are just a handful of ideas…

  • Add a noticeable floating bar to the top of your website to immediately begin increasing your subscriber numbers.
  • Convert customers who are reading your content into subscribers by adding call to action forms on your blog pages. 
  • Add a strategically timed pop-up to present an incentive to a customer at the exact moment it’s needed to close a sale (and deliver that offer in exchange for the shopper’s email address!).
  • Use a full screen welcome mat to present an offer that’s too good to ignore.
  • Use an exit-intent pop-up to get email addresses from people browsing a specific product page, and then target them with a personalized email campaign based on the product they were looking at.
  • A/B test lightbox pop-ups offering different types of incentives (say, a percentage off deal versus a free shipping deal) to see which brings more subscribers.
  • Create seasonal-themed pop-ups to stand out and stay topical and fresh. 

Getting started

We’re excited to help stores grow their Jilt contact lists faster, more efficiently, and more strategically using OptinMonster!

Ready to start using OptinMonster to grow your list?

Start your 14-day free trial with Jilt → or Sign In to get started. Want more details? Read the OptinMonster integration docs.

Beka Rice
Beka Rice is the Head of Product at Jilt.


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