Our mission is to make eCommerce email marketing both more powerful and easier to do. We’re thrilled that hundreds of successful shops are already using our powerful new email segmentation feature to deliver more relevant and personalized emails to their customers. But building effective campaigns around specific user behaviors takes a lot of time and energy.

That’s why we’re excited to launch five new email campaign templates! Like our existing abandoned cart recovery and post-purchase follow up campaigns, the new campaigns are ready to send to your customers.

Each campaign has a beautiful design and content that’s written with proven best practices in mind, so you can start sending effective emails to your customers immediately. Of course, as always, you can also use our powerful drag-and-drop editor to easily customize your emails to fit your brand.

Here are all the new campaigns now available to you:

  • Welcome campaigns – Start a relationship with new customers or subscribers and turn them into fans. (Be sure to check out our guide to writing a welcome email series.)
  • Thank you emails – Thank your first-time, repeat, or VIP customers for choosing your store and boost loyalty.
  • Feedback and review request – Ask for feedback or reviews and gather valuable data or social proof.
  • Win-back campaigns – Engage inactive customers and entice them back to your store. (Coming soon for WooCommerce and EDD.)
  • Replenishment emails – Sell something that people often run out of? Remind them to purchase again and get that recurring revenue flowing! (Coming soon for WooCommerce and EDD.)
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About the Author Max Rice

Max is our co-founder and CEO at Jilt. He focuses on ensuring our app and integration plugins are top-notch while also working with merchants to get the most out of Jilt.


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