New integrations: Send targeted lifecycle emails for WooCommerce Subscriptions & Memberships

Jilt is used by an incredibly diverse set of stores that sell products in all sorts of fascinating ways. From drop-shipping physical goods to online memberships with digital downloads to “box of the month” clubs, each store is unique in its own way.

Our core set of lifecycle emails, like abandoned cart reminders and post-purchase follow-ups, are designed to be effective no matter what you sell or how. But unique stores need unique emails, too, like notifying customers of upcoming subscription renewal or following up with customers after membership cancellation.

So, today we’re excited to announce that you can now send lifecycle emails for WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Memberships through Jilt!

We talked with a lot of customers on these platforms to learn about the unique challenges they have with sending effective emails, especially with personalizing subscriber/member emails and customizing the sending schedule. Given a very large base of subscription & membership stores and our own deep experience working with WooCommerce, we knew Memberships and Subscriptions were the perfect places for us to begin expanding Jilt’s features for different types of eCommerce models.

Both integrations are automatically enabled when Jilt detects that your store has the Subscriptions (v2.1+) or Memberships (v1.11+) plugin active, so there’s nothing you need to install or configure.

Once enabled, you’ll see a new set of templates you can use when creating new campaigns. Each campaign template includes pre-built emails, with beautiful design and starter content written with best-practices in mind. As with any campaign, you can go further and customize each email to match your brand or personalize them with a full range of member or subscriber information.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

The Subscriptions extension, built by our our friends at Prospress, is the the most popular extension for WooCommerce stores that want to sell recurring subscription-based products or content. By using our new integration, it’s now easier than ever to communicate effectively with your customers, driving more sales and increasing engagement.

Here are some of the email campaigns you can send:

  • Welcome new subscribers (sent when a new subscription is started) – Welcome all new subscribers with a single email or series, and help them learn how to manage their billing or address info.
  • Trial ending soon (sent before trial end date) – Notify subscribers that their trial is ending and they’ll be charged soon to avoid surprises. Informed customers are happy customers, and this is also a great opportunity to remind them of the value of the subscription.
  • Pre-renewal email (sent before each renewal payment) – Similar to the trial ending soon email, but for existing subscribers to inform them their subscription is being renewed.
  • Pending cancellation email (sent when subscription is initially cancelled but not yet ended) – Inform customers about subscription end dates when they cancel so they know exactly what to expect.
  • Post-cancellation email (sent after a subscriber cancels) – And then find out why they left or try to win them back after cancellation is complete.
  • Post-expiration email (sent after a subscription expires) – Send a different campaign to expired subscribers, who might be more open to subscribing than cancellations.

WooCommerce Memberships

The Memberships extension, built by SkyVerge (our parent company), is the most popular extension for WooCommerce stores that want to sell memberships. This new integration makes it easy to send automated emails that are tailored to each stage of the membership lifecycle.

Here are some of the email campaigns you can send:

  • Welcome new members (based on membership being created) – Welcome all new members with a single email or campaign and make sure they know where to get information or see restricted content.
  • Paused membership reminders (uses paused date if set) – Win back paused members and convince them to resume their membership with your site. This is most useful when coupled with Subscriptions, which allows members to pause themselves.
  • Pre-expiration email (sent before a membership ends) – Let memberships know when their access is ending soon and tell them the exact end date so there are no surprises and you make sure members renew.
  • Post-cancellation winback (sent after a member cancels) – Solicit feedback members who have cancelled, or try to win them back!
  • Post-expiration winback (sent after a membership expires) – Expired memberships are different than actively cancelled memberships, so you can send them a different set of emails.

Ready to start sending lifecycle emails with Subscriptions and Memberships?
Sign Up Now → or Sign In to get started. Want more details? Read the Subscriptions integration docs or the Memberships integration docs.

Do you have a subscription or membership site, but aren’t using WooCommerce? We’re planning integrations with subscription & membership solutions on Shopify and Easy Digital Downloads in the future. Let us know what you’d like see by contacting us.

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