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I’m Max, and I’m excited to announce that as of today, Jilt has a new home with SkyVerge.

As most of you are Shopify merchants, that name may not mean much to you, but our team has built several Shopify apps under our ShopStorm brand. Our apps like Product Customizer are some of the most popular and highly-rated in the app store.

We’ve recently acquired Jilt due to its hiatus from the Shopify app store, as we’d like to get the app updated for the newest Shopify APIs and make it available to merchants again.

As we already have several existing Shopify apps, we’re in a great position to get Jilt back off the ground and recovering abandoned carts.

The Future of Jilt

While getting Jilt re-launched is an immediate goal for our team, we’re very excited to take Jilt to the next level, and we want to continue adding features to make Jilt one of the premiere cart abandonment solutions available.

As we have extensive experience with other eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, we’re also looking forward to making Jilt’s inner workings a bit more generalized so it can be used with any platform in the future. As Jilt can gather a lot of data to help you recover abandoned carts (i.e., does including coupons in an email help? are open rates affected by subject line?), the more stores we have using Jilt, the more data we can analyze and use to help you improve your recovery campaigns.

In the immediate timeframe, we’re working to get Jilt updated for the latest Shopify standards and re-listed in the app store. Following those updates, we’ll be working to improve the app’s usability, such as creating default campaigns and incorporating best practices so you can get started with Jilt even easier.

We’ll also be working towards improving the app’s analytics so that you can get the insights you need to improve your email open and recovery rates, driving more revenue for your store.


I know transferring ownership of an app can be a scary thing for merchants — will I have to pay more? Will I get the same level of service? Will it be shut down? I’m happy to answer any and all questions you may have as a result of our team taking over Jilt as a project.

We’re super excited to get building and to make improvements to Jilt, and we’re excited to begin this journey with you! If you have any questions at all, you can get in touch with our team directly at help@jilt.com and we’d be happy to assist.

About the Author Max Rice

Max is our co-founder and CEO at Jilt. He focuses on ensuring our app and integration plugins are top-notch while also working with merchants to get the most out of Jilt.

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