Round 2: 10 more free WooCommerce extensions

What’s better that finding a cool WooCommerce extension? Finding cool, free WooCommerce extensions. We’ve already posted a list of some of the best free WooCommerce extensions if you missed it, and we’re looking to add on to that list with more free WooCommerce plugins here.

The most powerful thing about WooCommerce is the ability to extend it as needed. There are hundreds of great WooCommerce extensions available in the WooThemes marketplace, but there are also several handy free WooCommerce add-ons floating around that you should check out. Here are some of our new favorites (and yes, we’ve actually installed and used these):

1. Stripe

The Stripe extension is a simple way to accept payments in WooCommerce. Plus customers stay in your store, rather than going to an external website, to make the payments—and that is proven to help conversion rates.

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2. WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping

WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping

This is a really cool plugin that allows you to add multiple free shipping methods, and to change when free shipping is offered based conditions that you set, such as country, cart value, products in cart, and more. For example, you can offer free shipping for US-based customers if orders are $50 or more, but require orders of $100 or more for free shipping for Canadian customers. You can add “and” conditions (for example, cart subtotal of $50 AND US-based), or add “or” conditions (such as a cart subtotal of $50 OR a special coupon, though I might just make 2 methods for this).

The only thing I’d recommend doing is removing the “(Free)” notification following the shipping method name, as this is appended to any methods aside from the core free shipping if the cost is $0. You can use this snippet in the bottom of your theme’s functions.php to do so:

//Remove (Free) label on cart page for "Shipping and Handling" if cost is $0
function sv_change_cart_shipping_free_label( $label ) {
    $label =  str_replace( "(Free)", " ", $label );
    return $label;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_cart_shipping_method_full_label' , 'sv_change_cart_shipping_free_label' );

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3. WooCommerce Cart Tab

Free WooCommerce plugins | WooCommerce cart tab

The next free WooCommerce plugin is developed by James Koster, who’s one of the core WooCommerce developers. It adds a nifty floating cart tab to the right of your site pages (except the cart and checkout). This way, users can view a cart total off to the side of every page that scrolls with them. If they want to view the cart contents, they simply hover over the tab and it slides out to show a cart widget, as well as buttons to view the cart or check out.

You can also view settings under the WooCommerce “Product” settings to change the cart tab display to the left side of the page, or use a dark color scheme vs a light color scheme.

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4. WooCommerce Email Validation

free WooCommerce Extensions | WooCommerce email validation
WooCommerce Confirm Email Address

This is a really simple WooCommerce extension – WooCommerce email validation simply adds a “confirm email address” field to your checkout to ensure that customer email addresses are correct.

If the two email addresses entered do not match, a notice is displayed and checkout is not completed. This is really handy for shops that sell digital products, as these may be emailed to the customer after checkout, so it’s imperative that the email address on hand is correct.

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5. WooCommerce Bundle-Style Coupons

Free WooCommerce Extensions | Bundle style coupons

WooCommerce Bundle-Style Coupons adds an extra option for your store coupons to only allow discounts on a “bundle” of products. If this setting is enabled, a coupon will require all products to which the coupon applies to be in the cart at the same time, or the coupon will return an invalid notice.

For example, let’s say I want to offer a discount on a particular jacket if you buy a shirt or a hat with it. You can enable the “bundle-style” option, limit the coupon usage the jacket and companion product, and then the coupon can only be used if both products are present in the cart.

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6. WooCommerce Menu Cart

Free WooCommerce Extensions | WooCommerce menu cart

This is another simple but free WooCommerce extension. WooCommerce Menu Cart adds a cart widget to your navigation. You can enable your menu under “Settings > Menu Cart” and determine in which navigation menu the cart should be displayed. You can choose to display the number of items, price, or both, as well as enable a few other settings. This provides an alternative to the cart tab or cart widget that can be slightly less intrusive.

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7. Pushover for WooCommerce

free WooCommerce plugins | pushover WooCommerce

The Pushover for WooCommerce integration allows you to get automatic Pushover notifications send to the Pushover app on your mobile devide for store events. You can be notified of new orders, low stock, backorders, and out of stock products.

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8. WooCommerce Bulk Discount

Free WooCommerce plugins | WooCommerce Bulk Discounts

WooCommerce Bulk Discount lets you apply flat or percentage discounts based on ordered quantity for a specific product. You can determine whether to offer flat or percentage-based discounts under the plugin settings (located within WooCommerce settings). You can then apply bulk discounts for certain quantity breaks for the product page, and add a notification for the discount that appears below the category / tags on the product page. You can add several tiers for discounts for each product.

Pricing will not be reflected on the product page, but when customers view the cart and checkout, a discount notice is shown to include the discount level. You can also optionally show a messsage at the top of the cart page if a discount is being applied.

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9. WooCommerce Grid / List toggle

free WooCommerce extensions | Grid / list toggle

Here’s another super-simple plugin. Grid / List toggle does exactly what the name implied: A toggle button is added to your “Shop” page so that customers can choose their preferred view. Shop owners can normally select one of these views in the settings, but this plugin gives customers the choice in how they’d like to browse products.

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10. WooCommerce Product Video Tab

Free WooCommerce plugin | WooCommerce video product tab

The name says it all for our last plugin – WooCommerce Product Video tab adds an additional tab to your product pages to embed a video. When activated, the plugin adds a “Video Tab” option under product data, and you can set the tab name and embed a video from any source using an embed code (you can usually get this while watching a video and clicking “Share”). This is great for video demos or walkthroughs for a product, as customers can see the product in action before purchasing.

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Have any favorite free WooCommerce extensions that we missed? We’d love to hear about them so we can take a look!


  1. Hi Beka,

    Thanks for including WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping!

    The others in the list are nice! I also came across Pushover a few weeks ago, its a nice service (although I don’t use it for WC).

  2. Hi, Excellent tools! Thank you so much.

    I was wondering if you can suggest a way to “duplicate” or add more Flat Rate like shipping options, so I can offer different shipping upgrades to different countries or regions.

    For example:

    -Free shipping $0
    -Ground $10
    -Priority $20

    Rest of the world
    -Free shipping $0
    -Ground $30
    -Priority $45

    Thank you

    1. Hey David, you can limit your flat rate method to the USA, then use the “International Delivery” method for the rest of the world. Just exclude the USA from the countries list for the International Delivery method. If you’d like to set different rates for different regions, you could also check out the Table Rate Shipping extension.

  3. Hi Beka,

    You really simplied E-commerce for me. Its a great list of Plugins that you have put up. But I am stuck in a situation. I want all my product Variation Combinations to appear in a tabular form rather than drop-down. Can you help me out here by suggesting some plugins?

    Thank You.

  4. Hello Beka!

    Thank you for taking the time to create this list. I can say I find 2 to be wonderful additions to my business website.

    I was curious to find out if you know of a good solution for fixed attribute pricing.

    XLarge + 1.75
    2XLarge + 2.75

    If you have any suggestions that would be great. thank you!

    1. Hey Jesse, afraid I’ve not seen something that does that : I thought Product Add-ons might be helpful, but it looks like you can only add fees on a per-category and not per-attribute basis. You could probably automate this with a bit of custom code if you have too many products to manage it manually.

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