We’re partnering with Liquid Web

We’re excited to be partnering with Liquid Web, one of the world’s most trusted and reliable web hosts, to bring Jilt email automation to all of their Managed WooCommerce Hosting customers. Store owners on Liquid Web’s Managed WooCommerce plans will get white-glove treatment and have their Jilt account already verified and ready-to-go to start recovering revenue using abandon cart and follow-up emails.

Why we’re excited

Liquid Web hosts over 500,000+ sites and owns five of their own data centers. They’re one of the most innovative WordPress hosts and constantly add unique and helpful services like on-the-fly image compression, staging sites, and snapshots of your WordPress installs that you can easily reuse called Stencils. Now, Jilt is included in the cost of the managed hosting plan.

Their commitment to innovating for their customers and pushing the envelope to deliver new and unique services really appeals to us. Just like Liquid Web is constantly redefining what managed hosting platforms can be, we’re also laser focused on breaking new ground when it comes to eCommerce marketing automation. Our goal is to make Jilt the best email marketing solution for eCommerce stores. Liquid Web is the perfect partner for us to bring the services we’re building to a wider audience of eCommerce shop owners.

What this means for Jilt users

Partnering with a well-respected and widely used host like Liquid Web means we’ll have access to a brand new channel for feedback and data. We will be able to use this information to better learn how people automate their marketing, which will allow us to provide a better service for everyone.

If you’re already using Liquid Web, here’s how you can take advantage. Simply login to your account and contact the sales or support team and tell them you want to jump over to Managed WooCommerce Hosting.

If you’re not on Liquid Web, you can benefit from switching by heading over and signing up at Liquid Web for Managed WooCommerce Hosting today and start using Jilt to increase your sales now!

Max Rice
Max Rice is Jilt's co-founder and CEO at Jilt. He focuses on ensuring our app and integration plugins are top-notch while also working with merchants to get the most out of Jilt.