Jilt for WooCommerce: Time for testing!

We’ve crossed a major milestone today for Jilt: we’re testing Jilt as a cross-platform app bigsmile

WooCommerce merchants can now begin testing Jilt to recover their WooCommerce abandoned carts, as we’ve finished some updates on the app side, as well as a connector plugin to connect Jilt to your store.

If you’d like to join our WooCommerce beta testing period, please reach out and let me know, I’d love to get you set up with the new plugin.

Install Jilt for WooCommerce plugin

To connect Jilt to your WooCommerce store, you’ll need to install our connector plugin. Right now we’re distributing this directly to merchants, but we’ll be putting it on WordPress.org when we’re done with testing so that you can get automatic updates easily. The plugin doesn’t need any configuration options, you’ll just enter your Jilt secret key (listed on your account page in the app) to get connected.

Jilt for WooCommerce not connected

Once you save your key, this links your shop to Jilt, and your abandoned carts will immediately be tracked and sent to Jilt.

Jilt for WooCommerce connected

I’ve worked with Justin and Illimar on this connector plugin, and we’re definitely pleased with how it’s turned out in terms of what it can track, along with how fast and scalable it is. Our testing has showed that the Jilt connector and app can handle hundreds or thousands of concurrent users abandoning carts at once, and Jilt for WooCommerce will handle these sessions without slowing your site down.

Track abandoned orders

Both guest and registered customers are tracked on your site. Jilt listens for add to cart events, and as soon as it can detect an email address (right away for a registered user, or at checkout for a guest user), it can start tracking an order.

Jilt app all orders
All orders.

Orders that are completed right away are marked as “placed” (helping us calculate your abandonment rate), while orders that aren’t completed within 15 minutes of the last customer action are considered abandoned and Jilt will start to attempt recovery for you.

At any time, you can look at what products are in these orders to see what customers are leaving in their carts, and Jilt can include these line items in your emails to encourage customers to complete the purchase.

Jilt app view order
View order.

Recover lost sales

On the plugin side, Jilt for WooCommerce has best practices built-in to help you recover more lost sales.

Abandoned carts are re-populated immediately — this mean that, when a customer clicks a link in a Jilt email, they’re sent to the checkout page exactly where they left off. All of the items they previously had will be in the cart already, and they’re ready to place the order with a single click.

Jilt will also repopulate non-product checkout options, such as the chosen shipping method, chosen payment method (though obviously no payment data can ever be saved / regenerated), and will even re-apply any discounts that were there when the cart was abandoned so everything is as the customer left it.

Jilt for WooCommerce also leverages automated login for customer accounts. If a registered user abandons a cart, then clicks a recovery link in a Jilt email, Jilt will automatically log them in so they have access to saved credit cards, addresses, or other account information right away at checkout.

This is because we can reasonably assume that, since we get the email address from their WordPress account, it’s okay to log them in with a click from this email address. While this is a safe action to take, to be overly cautious, we still won’t do this for accounts with higher permissions, such as your administrator account or any shop manager accounts, so please be aware of this if you’re testing the plugin.

We’re incredibly excited to start this testing phase and bring a top-notch, dependable app to WooCommerce merchants to save abandoned carts. Once this testing period is done, we’ll be ready to launch a plugin version one and our new version of the Jilt app. If you’d like to get on board with testing, please reach out via our help desk and I’ll help you get on board with Jilt.