An all-new Jilt is ready for beta testing

As Dani mentioned in our post on plans for Jilt, we’re working on a re-built and vastly improved version of Jilt.

While we’re not ready to share this with the world yet, we’ve started beta testing this with some existing Jilt merchants, and I’d like to share a preview with you today. If you’re already using Jilt, please get in touch with us if you’d like to give the new admin a whirl!

Easier set up

One of the things we’ve been focused on is making it much easier to get up and running with Jilt. Since we’ve learned so much from helping merchants with their campaigns, we’ve tried to couple what we’ve seen working well along with industry research to start you off with some basic campaigns that use these concepts.

Campaigns now have a basic template with recommended content and are scheduled for recommended times.

Jilt app new campaign
New campaign.

Once you’ve had a chance to edit these and you’re happy with them, you can set these emails to be sent automatically, letting you start using Jilt in minutes.

Editing emails

Email editing is always a really difficult task, as styling HTML emails for different clients and email services is near impossible. We’re starting you off with a template that we’ve tested in several email clients, and we’ve now updated the email editor to give you a live preview of your email and let you send yourself a test email so you can ensure it looks the way you want.

Jilt app Create email
Create email.

Manage campaigns

We know that merchants love being able to have multiple campaigns with Jilt, as this lets you pretty easily change which emails you’re sending. In Jilt v3, we’re aiming to give you a better overview of what’s in each campaign, along with a way to enable or disable campaigns with a click.

Jilt app campaign list
Manage campaigns.

We’ve also made it easier to edit emails inline as well, as you can quickly adjust schedules and save your changes, or click on the email to do more in-depth editing.

Jilt app campaign email list
Campaign emails.

In progress

This is a great start, but we’re not done yet! Jilt needs a way to communicate with your store so it can save abandoned cart data for you, and for that we need an API that your store can interact with. Now that we’re getting closer to wrapping up some of the core functionalities of the app, we’re working on completing our REST API, and we’ll be building new connectors for Shopify and WooCommerce.

Remember, if you’d like to test out this new app dashboard, please let us know, we’d welcome any feedback!