Hello all! I’m excited to fill you in today that we’ve started working on the next version of Jilt, which will be restructured from the ground up.

There will be many goals for the next iteration of Jilt, and I’d like to go over some of the main items on our roadmap and what we’d like to achieve.

One of the major points to note is that this will be a major overhaul of the app as it exists, so this project will likely be in development for a long time. Our biggest goal for the Jilt rebuild is WooCommerce support, so we’re going to need to refactor large parts of the app to make it work with platforms other than Shopify.

We’ll still be fixing any issues and ensuring Jilt is updated in the meantime, but we’ll be focusing on adding any features to the new app version.

Multi-Platform Support

Our number 1 goal for Jilt is to support other eCommerce platforms. While Shopify is a fantastic platform, it doesn’t meet the needs of all merchants, and we want to be sure we can offer an excellent abandoned cart app to merchants using WooCommerce and other services.

We’ll need to refactor how Jilt’s billing and plans work, along with how we capture, track, and manage abandoned order records, so this will be a large undertaking, but it also gives us the opportunity to make some other improvements.

Improved App Admin

The current app admin is a bit dated, and could include more flexible reports. We want to be able to give you the metrics you need in your dashboard, but also make it simple for you to manage the app — editing your emails and campaigns, or viewing orders.

Our initial concepts will be based on this design:

Jilt v3 designs

Since we’ll be essentially working from scratch, we’re excited to provide a better experience while you manage your Jilt campaigns and emails.

Better Campaign Management

Speaking of campaigns, we can improve both set up and scheduling. In the next version of Jilt, we will ensure that creating campaigns is simple, along with activating or deactivating them with one click.

We also want to make it easy to see all of the emails or components of a campaign, so we’ll be working on giving you a better overview of which emails are in a campaign when you view them.

Easier Set up

We have a lot of data and research on best practices and what gets emails to be opened or converted into recovered orders. As such, we can start you off with some basic campaigns and emails when you sign up, making it easier to start using Jilt without writing emails from scratch. We’ll be improving the set up flow as a result.


Since we want to make Jilt a cross-platform app, we will also need ways to connect Jilt to other platforms. For Shopify merchants, this won’t really change. However, for new merchants, we’ll need to build connectors to WooCommerce or other platforms, so this is something I will be working on with Max and Justin to connect Jilt to WooCommerce or other plugins.

We’re excited to get started, and if you have any questions about getting set up with the app at present or about what’s coming, you can always reach out to our team, we would love to chat!

About the Author Dani Madrid

Dani is our lead app developer at Jilt. You'll typically meet him while you're getting on board with the app, and he drives our app development and new features.

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