New in Jilt: Broadcast email performance reporting and retargeting

Every time someone engages with your emails, it’s an opportunity to build a deeper relationship. To help you better understand how the people on your list are reacting to your messages (and to help you capitalize on opportunities for personalized messages), we’ve launched new broadcast reports in Jilt!

Reports are available right now for all broadcast emails you’ve sent, and will be automatically generated for any you send in the future. To access a report, click on the sent broadcast name or click on “View report” in the actions menu.

The report is divided into three sections:

  • Broadcast performance overview
  • Lists of contacts, broken up by engagement
  • Broadcast settings

The broadcast performance overview helps you understand how your broadcast performed at a glance. It includes metrics like delivery rate, open rate, and the amount of attributable sales generated by the email. (If there is anything else you’d like to see here, let us know!)

The broadcast performance overview screen.

The lists of contacts show you who your intended audience was, as well as how each contact behaved. For instance, to view all contacts that opened the broadcast, click on the “Opened” tab. 

From here, you can also retarget contacts that behaved a certain way. First, select all relevant contacts that you want to retarget, then tag them or add them to a list, and finally, create a new broadcast (or duplicate an existing one) and segment the audience using that new list or tag. 

For example, you could put everyone who opened the email on one list for a follow-up email, and everyone who didn’t open on another list to send the same email but with a different subject line. You can read more detailed instructions here.

Finally, you can review your broadcast settings. Each report has a box that lets you view the subject line, from address, and content of your sent broadcast. Open the box to view details and click on “view email” to see the email layout and content.

Reports are now available for every sent broadcast and will be automatically generated for future broadcasts you send. We look forward to hearing your feedback and continuing to help you grow your eCommerce store!

Can’t see a broadcast report for a previously sent broadcast? Free plan users can only access reports for broadcasts that are up to 30 days old. Upgrade now to access reports for all broadcasts.

Head over to the broadcast section in the Jilt app to get insights on your broadcast emails!