Jilt’s big year: 2017 in review

It was a big year for Jilt, from awesome new features to whole new look, we spent 2017 making Jilt better than ever. Along the way we helped thousands of shops recover over $5,000,000 in revenue.

As we head in 2018, we’re excited by what the future holds for Jilt and we have big plans for awesome new features that will help you supercharge your ecommerce store, make more money, and delight your customers.

Before we get to next year, though, let’s relive the last one.

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Josh Catone
Josh Catone is the Director of Marketing at SkyVerge. He has held lead marketing or editorial roles at Mashable, feedly, ReadWrite, Saent, and DandyID. He is also the founder of The Fluffington Post.