Increase Average Order Value with Easy Digital Downloads

Have you read our 8 strategies to increase average order value yet? If not, this is definitely something I’d recommend reading before this article.

While we’ve outline strategies for increasing your AOV, how you can implement these strategies is sometimes a challenge. Increasing AOV is an excellent first step towards increasing revenue since it can be done without the need for increased traffic or conversion rates. However, reading about strategies is easy — putting tactics and strategies in place to encourage higher order amounts is the hard part.

Today’s post will look at tools and plugins to help you increase average order value with Easy Digital Downloads, and we’ll find extensions for each strategy we’ve discussed.

1. Use Free Shipping Thresholds

Since 99% of stores using Easy Digital Downloads aren’t shipping anything, unfortunately this isn’t a strategy we’ll be able to use in most EDD stores 🙂 .

Let’s skip this to focus on more relevant strategies for digital goods shops.

2. Use Discount Thresholds

You can encourage higher purchase amounts by offering a discount for meeting a certain threshold to encourage customers to meet this threshold. Easy Digital Downloads lets you do this via discount codes, as a discount code can have a minimum amount set for usage:

Easy Digital Downloads Coupon minimum amount

If the customer tries to apply this discount when the order subtotal is under $60, they’ll see a notice that they haven’t met the minimum spend yet.

You can also automatically apply discounts with the Discounts Pro extension ($49), such as discounts for purchasing 3 products from a category. The ability to automatically apply discounts for a cart minimum amount isn’t available yet, but is listed as coming soon.

Once you have your discount set up, you’ll need to make sure customers know about the discount and the required amount so they’re encouraged to meet it. That’s where a tool like Hello Bar comes into play. You can create a top bar for your site to show on every page that lets the customer know about the deal. You can use an announcement bar to just show text, or a promotion bar to include a call to action:

Create Promo Hello Bar

When you create your bar, be sure to include both the required order amount and the coupon code the customer can use once they’ve hit this order amount.

Easy Digital Downloads hello bar

3. Provide Volume Discounts

While coupons are pretty much the only way to encourage meeting an order minimum amount with Easy Digital Downloads, you can also increase average order value by encouraging bulk purchases. There are a couple of ways you can create volume discounts so that customers are encouraged to buy more products to get a discount applied.

The Volume Discounts extension ($23) lets you create simple discounts based on the total number of items in the cart. For example, you can set up a discount if there are 5 or more items in the cart:

Easy Digital Downloads Volume Discounts

This discount will automatically be applied if the cart meets this condition:

EDD Volume Discount Applied

You can also set up a spend more, save more system with tiered discounts. If you set up higher tiers, such as a higher discount for 8 items or more, Volume Discounts will automatically apply this discount instead and remove the 5 item discount when the cart is eligible.

Easy Digital Downloads Tiered Discounts

This can let you promote a system of tiered discounts to encourage higher purchase quantities, such as:

  • Buy 3 items, get 5% off
  • Buy 5 items, get 10% off
  • Buy 8 or more items, get 15% off

You can also create bulk discounts using the Discounts Pro extension ($49). This gives you the functionality present in Volume Discounts to automatically apply a discount when a customer’s cart has over a certain quantity of downloads. However, you can also create volume discounts for the quantity of a particular download or downloads in a category, e.g., give 10% off when 3 items from the “Concert tickets” category are purchased together.

This gives you flexibility in terms of volume discounting since customers may not need multiple quantities of a download, but you can encourage them to meet an overall cart quantity for a discount, or a quantity for a category.

4. Bundle Related Products

Easy Digital Downloads is one of the best platforms for bundling products, as bundles are built directly into the plugin. You can set the Product Type to “Default” or “Bundle”. If you choose bundle, you can select which downloads are part of this bundle and set up your bundle price.

Easy Digital Downloads Bundle Product setup

Note that these bundled items won’t be displayed automatically, so you should add them in your product description.

Easy Digital Downloads Bundle Product

When a bundled download is purchased, the files for all of the downloads included in the bundle will be displayed on the purchase receipt.

Easy Digital Downloads Bundle Product purchased
Purchase receipt

Bundling with EDD is simple and is a great way to encourage higher value purchases.

5. Upsell and Cross-sell

There are a few ways you can upsell and cross-sell in an Easy Digital Downloads shop to encourage customers to buy related products.

The most obvious and complete way to do so is with the Cross-Sell and Upsell extension ($49). You can configure the headings for these upsells and cross-sells, as well as the maximum number to show (I’d recommend no more than 3 cross sells, as these will be shown in the cart / checkout).

Easy Digital Downloads Upsells and Cross-sells settings

Once you’ve configured settings, the plugin lets you manually set both upsells and cross-sells for each download while editing it.

Easy Digital Downloads Set Upsells and Cross-sells

Any upsells you’ve added for a download will be shown at the bottom of the product page while customers browse your store.

Easy Digital Downloads Upsells

Any cross-sells will be shown on the cart / checkout page between the order items table and payment forms.

Easy Digital Downloads Cross-sells

You could also show related products instead of setting up upsells and cross-sells manually. There are two main ways to automatically show related products to your customers:

  • The free Related Downloads plugin can automatically show related items based on the tags for your downloads.
  • The Recommended Downloads extension ($49) automates showing related products in an intelligent fashion — it tracks purchase data, and when products are purchased together, these products are then recommended to customers browsing product pages on your site.

On a final note, while this won’t help with average order value, you can look to increase customer lifetime value with cross-sells and upsells after the order with Jilt. This lets you show related products in your purchase receipts to encourage repeat purchases.

6. Create a Loyalty Program

We’ve previously written about how to build an Easy Digital Downloads loyalty program, which requires the Points and Rewards plugin ($59). This plugin lets customers earn points for purchases, and you can drive additional sales by offering bonus points.

This gives customers an incentive to spend more to earn “free” points, which can be offered on a per-shop basis, e.g., “Double-points weekend” for all products, or on a per-product basis, e.g., “Triple Points for albums”.

7. Sell Add-ons or Services

Since EDD specializes in digital products, you may have fewer opportunities for product or checkout upsells like personalization or rush handling. However, you can offer small add-ons or additional fees with the multi-option purchase mode for variable downloads.

Instead of forcing customers to choose a version of a download, this allows them to combine a couple of purchases, so you could offer a “basic service” with additional options for “rush service” or “white glove service”.

EDD multi option purchase

Customers can then choose some or all of these options for your download products to purchase.

Easy Digital Downloads service upcharges

The downside to doing this is that customers can unselect the “Base service” option, so your multiple options aren’t necessary up-charges for a particular option.

8. Raise Prices

Last but not least: our final strategy to increase average order value with Easy Digital Downloads was raising prices.

EDD has a bulk edit action to update product prices, but this lets you set a new price rather than an increase.

Easy Digital Downloads Bulk Edit

This means that you can enter a new price to override a bunch of download prices at once, but you can’t do something like, “increase all prices by 3%”. You can still update prices manually, so this strategy can be implemented, but requires more time.

Easy Digital Downloads has lots of extensions available, and there are several tools that can help you increase your average order value with our recommended strategies. The flexible discounting and bundling options are very helpful, while the extensions available for cross-selling, upselling, and loyalty programs can help to drive additional revenue.