Easy Digital Downloads abandoned cart recovery

Today Jilt officially supports a third platform, as we’re excited to announce Easy Digital Downloads support for Jilt!

This joins our WooCommerce integration as the second WordPress eCommerce integration available for Jilt, bringing our support platform total to 3.

We worked with the team at Easy Digital Downloads to build this connector plugin, so we’re confident that EDD merchants will love what Jilt has to offer for Easy Digital Downloads abandoned cart recovery.

Fast and reliable

Like our WooCommerce plugin, Jilt for Easy Digital Downloads was built to scale. It can handle hundreds of concurrent customers sessions, passing off the abandoned carts to the Jilt app as needed to track abandonment and queue up recovery emails.

We’ve worked with the core team over at EDD to build this plugin, so Chris and Pippin at Easy Digital Downloads have helped us to ensure this plugin is seamlessly tied to your EDD store (thanks guys!)

Jilt also works with popular plugins like Software Licensing out of the box so that your recovered orders include all of the detail needed to ensure recoveries are successful and complete.

Supports guest users

Jilt for EDD will track both registered and guest users for cart abandonment.

  • If a registered user is shopping, Jilt listens for “add to cart” events. Once an item is added to the cart, Jilt watches this order; if the customer stops shopping without completing the order, Jilt is ready to send recovery emails because it’s had the user email the entire time.
  • If a guest user shops on your site, Jilt will listen to the checkout page for an email address. Once a valid email address has been entered, Jilt can grab the data for this order and is ready to queue up recovery emails if the purchase is not completed.

Cart regeneration

If a customer clicks on a recovery link in an email sent by Jilt, the entire shopping session is restored as fully as possible.

This means that selected products, options, and discounts are all restored, and the customer is returned to checkout, making it as easy as possible to complete the purchase.

One-click login

To further reduce barriers to completing the purchase, Jilt for EDD has a feature that will make it easier for your registered customers to purchase: clicking a recovery email link will automatically log registered users in.

We can do this because Jilt gets their email directly from WordPress, so we know it’s associated with their account. This way, when the recovery email is sent to them, we can safely log the customer in and let them go right to checkout with all account information ready. As a side bonus, this also ensures the order is linked to their customer account so the lifetime value in your customer report is accurate.

Please note that, while this is a safe thing to do for customer accounts, Jilt for Easy Digital Downloads will never do this or accounts with higher permission, so your admin account will never be logged in automatically (just to be safe).

Software licensing support

Software Licensing is one of the most popular extensions for EDD, and abandoned orders for renewals will work with Jilt without issue.

When a renewal order is abandoned, Jilt will make sure that it stores the renewal flag and renewal keys for this shopping session so that, when the cart is regenerated, the renewal data is regenerated as well. This ensures that recovered renewal orders are processed correctly for existing licenses.

As always, discounts that may have been in place for the renewal are also generated 🙂

Personalize emails

Personalizing email content is a powerful way to increase customer engagement with emails. Jilt offers the ability to personalize recovery emails with merge tags for customer name, line items, and other data (along with setting a fallback if a name isn’t available).

If a customer has entered a name along with an email address, Jilt for EDD will pass that back to the app so you can personalize your recovery emails for any campaign.

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Track open rates and recoveries

Since Jilt for Easy Digital Downloads passes order data into Jilt (so that recovery emails can use this information), we can accurately track your abandoned orders and show you which ones have been placed (without Jilt’s help) or recovered (with Jilt’s help).

Jilt app all emails

You can also see your outbound emails to get insight into which emails are opened and which campaign they’re from.

Jilt app all orders
All orders.

Continued improvements

While we’re excited to offer a third integration for Jilt, we’re not done yet! We’ve got improvements coming up to our dashboard, email editor, and tools available for testing emails, so keep an eye on our progress, or sign up for the newsletter to get updates.

Ready to take Jilt for EDD for a spin? You can start a free trial, then grab the connector plugin to get going!