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Dynamic discounts for Shopify, Intercom everywhere

Thanks to Shopify opening up their formerly Plus-only “Discounts” API, Jilt now fully supports dynamic discounts for Shopify merchants. With this feature you can setup a discount that: provides free shipping, a percentage off, or a fixed amount off an order and optionally expires after a certain amount of time, and/or has a minimum price requirement.

You can then add this discount to a recovery email (we recommend the second or third email in your recovery campaign), and each customer will receive a unique one-time-usage discount code that can also expire after a specified amount time.

You can read about dynamic discounts and how best to use them in greater depth in our dedicated blog post.

Intercom widget within the dashboard

It’s even easier to get in touch with us now that we’ve added the increasingly ubiquitous Intercom live chat widget to the Jilt dashboard (we’ve used the live chat widget on for some time, which you should be able to see in the bottom-right hand corner of your browser even now).

Prior to this change, when seeking support you needed to leave the Jilt dashboard, and submit a contact form request from, which of course can be a big interruption to one’s workflow. Now you can start a chat with us right from the comfort of your own Jilt dashboard. One of our goals is to make it as easy as possible to start a conversation with our team whether by email, phone, or now live chat, and we hope to hear from you too soon!

Better email scheduling

We’ve made some performance improvements to the way that we schedule email sends. These types of updates are less visible from the user side, but important in terms of making sure that your recovery emails get sent in timely manner, and changes that you make to your campaigns are reflected as soon as possible. This is part of the core functionality of Jilt and so it’s an area that we’re always working on improving, even if we don’t always mention it in these product updates smile

Coming soon…

Here’s just a few of the features we’re currently working on, and which you should expect to see in the next release notes:

  • Custom sending domains – this will allow us to send recovery emails “from” your shop’s domain
  • Better signup flow – to get new users into the app as quickly as possible
  • Jilt for EDD license renewal support – to for different recovery email content or different discount promotions for abandoned carts containing a license renewal

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