Cancel or send a scheduled email, and other fixes

By popular demand, you can now cancel a scheduled email or send an email “now” that was scheduled to be sent at a future date.

The “cancel” action is useful for those times when perhaps you’ve started a conversation with a customer and want to skip the remaining emails for a more personal touch. Perhaps your customer replied to your first recovery email with a question, and now you’re building a relationship with them. By cancelling the next email to be sent, all subsequently scheduled recovery emails for the given customer/abandoned cart, will also automatically be cancelled.

Sending an email “now” is often useful when you’re testing out a campaign with an abandoned cart of your own, and you want to quickly receive all campaign emails to review.

Scheduled emails can be cancelled or manually sent from anywhere they’re shown in the Jilt app, i.e. the order emails list, the view customer screen, and the view order screen:

New email merge tags

To complement our recently released dynamic discount feature we’ve added a couple of handy new email merge tags. These can help you target discounts for new customers only, or perhaps VIP customers who have spent over a certain amount. The new merge tags include:

  • {{ customer.orders_count }} – The number of orders this customer has placed
  • {{ customer.total_spent }} – The total amount spent by this customer (in pennies)
  • {{ customer.new_customer }} – Does this customer have any previously placed orders?

To target a discount at new customers only, you can use something like the following:

{% if customer.new_customer %}
  As a thank-you for being a new customer, act now and get 10% off your first order with coupon code {% discount_code '10-percent-off' %}!
{% endif %}

Note that these customer order history tags currently only take into account orders that have been placed since you installed Jilt to your shop. In the future we’ll offer the ability to include any prior order history from your shop.

Better staging support for Jilt for WooCommerce/EDD

A common feature of the better WordPress hosts these days is the ability to copy a production site to a staging environment, and vice versa. Prior to version 1.1.0 of the WooCommerce/EDD integrations we didn’t necessarily handle these migrations in the most ideal way, and staging data could get sent to your production Jilt account in some cases.

Starting in version 1.1.0 of the plugins, these staging migrations are watched for, and when they occur, the plugin on the new staging site is automatically disconnected so it won’t send staging data to your production account.

Customer session bug fix in Jilt for EDD 1.1.1

In Jilt for EDD version 1.1.0 a bug was introduced that caused some recovery URLs to fail to correctly load the abandoned cart when followed by the customer. This was resolved in fix release 1.1.1, so make sure to update!