Better campaigns dashboard, early email capture for Shopify, and Jilt for EDD 1.4

Last week, a few members of our team trekked to Beantown for WordCamp Boston. We love attending WordCamps because we get to connect with WordPress developers and users face-to-face, and learn about their needs when it comes to eCommerce email marketing. We love it so much, in fact, that we’re winging our way to Colorado for WordCamp Denver this weekend! (If you’re in the area, stop by our booth and pick up a Jilt t-shirt!)

Jilt booth at WCBOS
Josh (left, director of content) and Justin (cofounder and CTO) embarrassingly showed up to WCBOS wearing the same outfit. They argued, pouted, argued some more, but eventually agreed to remain friends and shook on it.

With all that jetsetting and WordPress community hobnobbing, you probably think we couldn’t possibly have anything new for you in Jilt. Think again! As always, we’ve been busy adding new features to make Jilt better. Here’s a look at some of the most recent updates we’ve made.

Improved campaigns listing

As we’ve added more email campaign types to Jilt (more on that below), the campaigns page in the Jilt dashboard was starting to get crowded and hard to navigate. So to fix that, we adjusted the campaigns section to unify the list of your campaigns, and to make the entry rules for that campaign more obvious—now it’s easier to differentiate your campaigns based on the rules applied to it.

You can also sort your campaigns by type so it’s still possible to see all campaigns of a type grouped together for easy comparison.

Jilt unified campaigns table

Early email capture for Shopify stores

Most apps for Shopify work to save abandoned checkouts, and not necessarily abandoned carts. This is because while Shopify automatically tracks when a customer reaches checkout, enters an email, but doesn’t complete the entire checkout process, there is no built-in way for apps to identify a customer before reaching checkout. Capturing emails for customers earlier in this process increases the number of carts your store can recover (and the revenue available you can recoup!).

We’ve been working on this problem for some time, and have previously released early email capture for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads stores. Today, we’re very excited to bring this feature to Shopify stores using Jilt!

Shopify stores now have a new setting to capture emails earlier in the shopping journey as items are added to the cart.

Jilt: enable Shopify early email capture

When enabled, this adds a popover to your add to cart buttons that asks the customer for their email address in exchange for reserving items in the cart. This popover will only be shown for the first item added to the cart, so that it won’t distract or annoy customers seeking to purchase multiple items.

We’ve already seen very positive results with early email capture in WooCommerce and EDD stores to increase the number of recoverable carts and store recovery rate, and we’re excited to see how this improves recovered revenue for Shopify stores, too!

Jilt for Easy Digital Downloads version 1.4

We’re updating our Easy Digital Downloads integration with a slew of exciting new features. Aside from a few small fixes and tweaks, we’ve added support for syncing your products. This unlocks a few key features:

  • Segmentation.  Product and category data that can now be used to segment your emails.
  • Better email preview.  Products from your store will be used for the live preview & test emails, rather than dummy content.
  • Recommended product blocks. Recommending related products to your customers is a proven way to increase average order value, and now you can add recommended products in your Jilt emails. Thanks to product sync support, Jilt now has access to your product catalog and can generate product recommendation blocks.

Version 1.4.0 also moves the settings page to its own, dedicated area, which will allow us to add more detailed information from Jilt in your WordPress admin.

Under-the-hood, we’ve improved checkout performance by changing the way the plugin communicates with Jilt. This change has led to much faster loading times, maintaining our commitment to being the highest performance abandoned cart solution available. Less waiting for your customers = more money in your pocket.

You can download Jilt for EDD version 1.4.0 via your WordPress admin or from the WordPress plugins page.

Coming soon: new email campaign types

The customer segmentation feature we recently launched in Jilt enables you to send emails based on specific customer behaviors and attributes. That’s great news, because it means more personalized and effective emails, but  it also means a whole bunch of new email campaign types are now possible.

Segmentation provides us with the ability to define complex entrance rules so you can send automated lifecycle emails with Jilt for things like welcoming new customers, thanking high value shoppers, or re-engaging people who haven’t purchased in awhile. We’ll be adding a big set of new email campaign types soon!

Beka Rice
Beka Rice is the Head of Product at Jilt. She works on app improvements, integration plugins, helping merchants improve recovery campaigns, and shares tutorials on reducing abandonment or improving recovery on our blog.