Newsletters and announcement emails are now available in Jilt

We’re excited to announce that Jilt’s Broadcast email feature is now officially out of beta and available for all customers! 

Since launching in beta, Jilt users sent over 10 million newsletters, sales announcements, product updates, and other on-demand emails to their contacts using the Broadcasts feature. Those emails have generated millions of dollars in revenue for stores, and we’re thrilled to bring broadcasts to everyone today. 

It’s important that your customers hear from you frequently, and broadcasts are an easy way for stores to connect with their contacts through unique, one-time emails like:

  • Newsletters
  • Sales and promotions
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Product announcements or recommendations
  • Recall or warranty alerts
  • Company news and updates

Broadcasts built for eCommerce

Sometimes, you need to get information out to your entire list, and other times only a specific subset needs to hear from you.

Broadcast creation screen in Jilt.
Send a newsletter, announcement, or other one-time email directly to your list with Broadcasts.

Broadcasts have access to the same advanced segmentation engine that stores use to send precisely targeted and carefully personalized automated and transactional emails. Deliver effective broadcasts that drive sales for your store by making sure your emails reach the right people, at the right times, with the right information.

  • Want to email everyone who bought a specific product in the last 6 months to announce a new version? Easy.
  • Need to reach all VIP customers to offer them early access to a sale? Simple.
  • What about delivering a different version of your weekly newsletter to active customers vs. those who haven’t purchased in awhile? You got it.
  • How about making your upsells and cross-sells more relevant by targeting them based on previous purchases? Consider it done.

The numbers are clear: segmented campaigns drive 760 percent more revenue, with a 100 percent higher click-thru rate. Those aren’t typos; when you use your store’s data to segment your broadcasts, you’ll make a ton more money!  

Broadcasts audience rules in Jilt.
Segment broadcasts using a wealth of rich data automatically synced from your store.

And you already collect a lot of data about what customers are purchasing and how they’re interacting with your store, but other email platforms make it difficult or impossible to use. That’s what makes broadcasts in Jilt so powerful—we sync all that rich data and make it easily available so you can send personalized and segmented your emails that delight your customers.

Continuously improve your email marketing

Once you send a broadcast, the story’s only just beginning. The days of blasting out emails to your list and then hoping things go well are over. Jilt gives you detailed, campaign-level analytics for every email you send.

Broadcasts analytics screen in Jilt.
Review detailed analytics about your broadcasts.

Track open rates, click-thru rates, unsubscribes, and attributable revenue. You’ll get a clear understanding of which broadcasts perform well and where and how to improve future emails.

All your emails in one place

Enjoy the convenience of managing all your store’s eCommerce email marketing from one easy-to-use dashboard. Jilt has all the emails you need built in, from automations like welcome emails and abandoned cart recovery campaigns, to transactional emails like receipts and shipping notifications.

Using an all-in-one email marketing platform like Jilt, which is designed for the needs of eCommerce stores, means you’ll save time, effort, and money. Don’t worry about managing campaigns in multiple apps, trying to reconcile performance analytics between more than one tool, or relying on finicky, third-party connector apps to get your store’s data into your email marketing platform. With Jilt, you can do it all in one place.

Send all your marketing emails with Jilt and communicate with your customers easily and effectively!

Ready to start sending broadcast emails to your contacts?

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