How Beyond the Brand Media used Jilt to significantly increase revenue for their clients and marketing agency


$10 million in added sales to clients in just over one year 


2x revenue for the agency


Reinvesting in the business to grow even more

Beyond the Brand Media is a web, marketing, advertising agency for online business owners operating out of Goffstown, New Hampshire. (In fact, their headquarters is now located in the same building as their very first customer!)

Beyond the Brand Media's headquarters.

They’ve been in business for nine years helping businesses of all sizes with needs ranging from custom eCommerce sites to search engine optimization to increasing conversion. The company has grown in the past few years from a solo operation to five employees and dozens of clients.

The problem

Josh Eastman, the owner of Beyond the Brand Media, always recognized the power of email marketing for his eCommerce clients. But he found a disconnect between the results he knew he could get and the results his initial email service provider was delivering. “[It] was pretty simple,” he says, “We couldn’t find a good email product.”

Josh Eastman of Beyond the Brand Media.
Josh Eastman.

Josh was using Mailchimp and struggled because they “had no customer support, a stale product set, and integrated poorly with WooCommerce.” As a result, his eCommerce customers weren’t driving close to enough revenue from their email lists. “The services our customers had were heavily under-leveraged,” he says. As an agency, that was problematic; it was hard for Josh to charge for email marketing services when emails weren’t driving revenue—and that disconnect even affected his client retention.

The solution

Josh needed an email marketing platform designed specifically for the needs of eCommerce customers and found that in Jilt.

“We started using Jilt because there was no other good choice,” he says, “We started when Jilt was still very young and only offering abandoned cart recovery and review solicitation.” (Today, Jilt has expanded far beyond those two email types to offer a wide range of automated emails, as well as transactional and broadcast emails.)

“We learned soon after starting to use the services that [the Jilt team] were more than an email service, they were a partner for us to help our customers,” Josh says.

As Jilt expanded its features, Josh took advantage of them all. “We send out every [automated] follow-up email imaginable between all of our clients,” he says, “We get tons of reviews on products sold. And we recommend [similar] products to people weeks after purchase to get multiple purchases from prior customers. We get them in the habit of shopping at a certain store as well as showing all possible products they may have missed that complement the ones they have already purchased.” 

Review request example email.
A review request for Beyond the Brand’s client Big Tex Outdoors.

The eCommerce-focused analytics in Jilt were especially helpful to Josh, because they enabled him to show his clients hard numbers on their return-on-investment (ROI) from working with his firm. With full reporting on email-driven revenue, Josh could show his clients exactly how much extra revenue they were bringing in thanks to Jilt. It was substantial—in fact, in many cases, email revenue from Jilt alone gave his customers a positive ROI based on what they were spending with his agency and on their marketing. 

“If you give clients a positive ROI,” Josh says, “They’ll never leave you.”

Today, Josh covers the cost of a new client’s first month on Jilt so they can see right away just how valuable Jilt’s email marketing services are. When month two comes around and Josh asks the client if they now want to pay for Jilt and his team’s email marketing services, “we have yet to get a single ‘no.’”

The results

With Jilt, Josh says, “We do email campaigns with unmatched results compared to any other platform we have used.”

  • Delivering $10 million in added sales to clients in just over one year.  “Our agency is not huge by any means,” Josh says—so that jump in revenue comes from just around a dozen stores!
  • Doubling revenue for the agency. After switching to Jilt, Josh was able to charge his clients for email marketing services—and with the consistent results, his clients are happy to pay. Plus, they’re happy to pay for even more services from Beyond the Brand, because the email marketing is so lucrative. “Jilt single handedly transformed our monthly bill with our customers from an expense to a positive ROI,” Josh says.
  • Reinvesting in his business.  “With the increase in revenue generated from offering Jilt services,” Josh says, “We hired a designated designer to help our customers use their email services and finally bring all design in-house. It was the single best move we have ever made both from a financial standpoint and customer loyalty, so this was a huge win for everyone.”

So when it comes to using Jilt as an email marketing platform for eCommerce businesses, “there is nothing better,” Josh says. “We will forever be a customer and avid supporter of the service Jilt provides to consumers, online business owners, and agency owners.”