How Lifecycle Emails Can Engage Customers

Lifecycle emails are effective for engaging customers and creating a personalized experience.

These specific emails can help build customer relationships that lead to higher open and transaction rates. Plus, they tend to give your business opportunities for email personalization based on products purchased or other store interactions.

“Email offers a unique ability to contact your customers at given moments with personalized messages. When done correctly, personalized email messages combine all kinds of data to deliver mails which are extremely relevant and useful to the customer,” says Robert Allen, the blog editor for Smart Insights.

Use lifecycle emails to your advantage. Here are five different types to get you started.

Combat These 5 Common Causes of Cart Abandonment With Recovery Emails


Cart abandonment is a significant challenge for online retailers. A Baymard Institute study reports that 68.8% is the average abandonment rate.

Every day, potential customers visit your store and decide not to purchase. Ignoring or moving this issue to the bottom of your to-do list won’t fix the situation. Your team can investigate the underlying cause of the abandonment and develop recovery emails to draw consumers back to your site.