Add Unique Discount Codes to Your Recovery Emails

Strategically incorporating discount codes in your recovery emails is a powerful way to drive purchases that would otherwise remain abandoned. This is why we’ve previously written about the benefits of including discounts in recovery emails, as well as when to include discounts in recovery emails. Up until now adding a discount to your Jilt recovery emails required one to create a single code that could very easily¬†get shared over social media, leading to a lot more people getting a bargain than you bargained for.

Jilt Version 3.0 is Ready for Beta Testing

As Dani mentioned in our post on plans for Jilt v3, we’re working on a re-built and vastly improved version of Jilt.

While we’re not ready to share this with the world yet, we’ve started beta testing this with some existing Jilt merchants, and I’d like to share a preview with you today. If you’re already using Jilt, please get in touch with us if you’d like to give the new admin a whirl!