Add unique discount codes to your recovery emails

Strategically incorporating discount codes in your recovery emails is a powerful way to drive purchases that would otherwise remain abandoned. This is why we’ve previously written about the benefits of including discounts in recovery emails, as well as when to include discounts in recovery emails. Up until now adding a discount to your Jilt recovery emails required one to create a single code that could very easily get shared over social media, leading to a lot more people getting a bargain than you bargained for.

But no more… As of today the team and I are very excited to announce that Jilt can now create one-time use discount codes that are unique for each customer! This new feature allows you to harness the conversion inducing power of discounts, but in a highly targeted manner. We’ll walk through the process of setting up your first dynamic discount code in the rest of this article.

Let’s get started

First things first: sign up for a Jilt account if you haven’t already done so.

Next, for EDD merchants install or update to the latest version of the Jilt for EDD plugin on

WooCommerce merchants, you know the drill: install or update to the latest version of the Jilt for WooCommerce plugin on

Shopify users, unique discounts for Shopify shops are available for you too! You could give our Jilt for Shopify app a try today, or if you’re a Jilt for Shopify user already, you could activate the discounts by clicking in the “Discounts” left side menu in your Jilt admin.

Create your first discount

After logging into your Jilt account, you’ll notice a new menu item on the left named, shockingly, “Discounts”. Click on “Discounts”, and then click “New Discount” to create your first dynamic coupon:

Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you to get to this screen in your Jilt account before continuing.

Ok, all caught up? Great! In the above screenshot I’ve created a discount named “10% Off” which of course is good for 10 percent off an order from my shop of $25 or more, and is valid for 7 days after being received by my mom I mean, my customers.

With WooCommerce shops you can create a percentage coupon, a fixed amount coupon, or a free shipping coupon. With EDD you can create the same, with the exception of the free shipping one; turns out most downloadable software already has free shipping!

Use that discount

Next navigate to the Campaigns area and edit the email that you want to add your discount offer to. Pro tip: this will likely not be the first email in your campaign, save those discounts for the second or third email to add that extra incentive for customers who are undecided.

Use the handy “Discounts” menu on the email editor to add your discount offer in the perfect spot:

You can see the special Liquid tag {% discount_code '10-percent-off' %} that gets added in the image above. This text will be replaced with the unique discount code when the recovery email is sent.

The discount in action

Your customers will now receive an email with an enticingly unique discount code:

The “Complete Purchase” button is mobile friendly and will automatically apply that single-usage coupon to the cart, meaning all your customer has to do at this point is to pay for their order.

Now take it further

The preceding was a basic demonstration of the new dynamic discount feature of Jilt, but there’s a lot more you can do with these discounts. For instance, with a little custom Liquid code you can use one of several discounts, based on your customer information, or even the items in the cart.

For instance, perhaps you want to offer a free shipping coupon only to customers ordering within your state, and a percentage discount to all others. Or maybe you want to offer a lower percentage discount to orders above a certain total price. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to assist you with setting up these powerful discounts in your recovery campaign!

Have you already had success using discount codes in abandoned cart emails, or seen any particularly effective or creative coupons in recovery emails you’ve received? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Justin Stern
Justin Stern is Jilt's co-founder and CTO. He drives technical direction for our Jilt app and all integration plugins or apps, and can often be found helping with technical questions about Jilt.


  1. Hi Justin, thanks for the article. Just wondering when it says ‘additional 10% off’ in the above-example, is that in addition to any discounts they’ve already applied? I’m with Shopify and I think only one discount code can be applied. So if someone abandons cart when they’ve already applied a discount this strategy would not be effective unless a greater discount is offered – true? Or have I missed something and it’s possible to aggregate/accumulate discount codes and simply add a further 5% discount to any discounts already applied? Thanks in advance, Petra

    1. Heya Petra! Great question — stacked discounts are possible on other platforms, but unfortunately Shopify doesn’t allow this (as you’ve noted).

      So if someone abandons cart when they’ve already applied a discount this strategy would not be effective unless a greater discount is offered – true?

      Correct, they’ll be limited to choosing one of the discounts to use.

  2. Hi,

    I have created the discount code in Jilt. But how does it connect back to the Woocommerce store? Do I have to create a discount code in Woocommerce too? With what coupon code do I create it? Do the discount get applied automatically when the customer clicks on complete my purchase?

    1. Hey Naila. Thanks for question! Jilt’s generated coupons will be automatically created in your WooCommerce admin. Each coupon code that Jilt generates will be unique for the customer/email sent.

      The discount will be automatically applied to the customer’s order if they follow the link provided in the Jilt email they received.

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