Account management improvements and prepayment options

Before the Jilt team takes some time over the holidays for a bit of R&R, we made a couple account management updates this week.

Read on for full details and we’ll see you in 2018 with many more exciting updates and new features planned. Happy holidays!

Account usage estimates

When we moved to usage-based billing, Jilt started to send emails with estimated usage for the month, so you’d know what to expect on your bill. Now, we’ve made that information easier to access. Navigate to the new “My Billing” section of your account to view the number of MCEs used during the current billing cycle, and an estimate of how many you’ll likely contact based on past order volume (for new stores), or previous months’ usage (for stores that have used Jilt for for at least a month).

If you’re within your free trial period, the “My Billing” section will display estimated usage and what plan you’ll likely be on after the trial ends:

Stores already on a paid plan will see current usage for the month and estimated usage based on your previous Jilt history:

Account billing credits

We’ve also added a new credits system, so we can offer one-time or recurring credits for things like special promotions. But more importantly, we can now offer a yearly billing discount! Many of you have asked about yearly billing and we didn’t have a straightforward way to offer it before. If you’re interested in prepaying for a year of Jilt in 2018, please get in touch with us and we’ll set up an invoice, and when you pay for a year in advance, we’ll give you a credit for two months free!

So let’s say you’re on the $79 per month plan. We’ll send you an invoice for $790 (10 months) and add $948 in credits (12 months) to your account. Credits are then automatically applied to your monthly invoices throughout the year. That means you’ll receive two months free for pre-paying a year of Jilt.

We’ll automatically upgrade or downgrade your plan as usual if you use more or fewer MCEs than expected. We’ll let you know when your credits have almost run out, so you can choose to prepay for another year if you’d like. If you decide Jilt isn’t for you, contact support and we’ll issue a refund for any remaining prepaid credits (less the 2 month bonus).

You can view your entire credit and billing history under the billing section of your account.

Coming soon

Test Mode

As a store owner, you want to be sure every part of the shopping experience on your site Just Works™ for your customers. So you spend time testing out new products, plugins, and apps, optimizing your site and making sure everything is perfect. But running these test orders influences your abandonment rate, recovery rates, and with our usage-based billing, your MCEs used.

We’re happy to manually exclude test orders upon request, but that process is a pain for everyone. That’s why we’re building a full test mode into the app to ensure that your test orders are ignored from stats and your MCE count.

Test mode will be coming soon after the holidays!