5 awesome free WooCommerce themes

Some readers have asked for theme recommendations, so here are some of our favorite free themes for WooCommerce – and they actually support WooCommerce.

Picking a great WooCommerce theme is really difficult, as many free WooCommerce themes do the bare minimum to render WooCommerce correctly and then use the default WooCommerce styles (we find this with almost every theme that “fully supports WooCommerce” in the WordPress.org repo). This frequently leaves your shop with a style that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your theme, and can make your site look like a hack job.

Many sites recommend themes that don’t include any WooCommerce styles (we’re guessing because they don’t actually test the shop styles). The themes we’ve selected below have actually been tested by us and do a great job of making sure that your WooCommerce store’s styles fit with the rest of your theme to give your entire site a unified look and feel.

Have a favorite free WooCommerce theme that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Astra – Brainstorm Force

Astra is developed by Brainstorm Force. It’s actively updated to support the latest version of WooCommerce and is responsive for mobile devices. Astra is lightweight and easy to customize, plus it works with all of the third-party page builders.

Download Astra

Virtue Lite – Kadence Themes

Virtue Free WooCommerce Theme

Virtue Lite is from Kadence Themes. It’s a responsive theme with a flat design and clean layout. It also includes portfolio pages and posts to showcase work or to provide information about your business. Virtue is one of the most highly rated free WooCommerce themes on WordPress.org, and it does a great job of showcasing images for your portfolio or products.

Download Virtue

Highwind – James Koster

Highwind is developed by James Koster, one of the core WooCommerce contributors. It’s a very lightweight theme and though it’s responsive, isn’t designed to have tons of bells and whistles (don’t go looking for seven different slider options with this one). However, that helps tremendously with performance and stability. Highwind plays nicely with many plugins (including plugins from WooThemes) and is developer-friendly, so you can customize or extend it as needed. It’s great for sites that focus on content but also have small stores.

Download Highwind

Fruitful – Fruitful Code

Fruitful is a simple, minimal theme from Fruitful Code. It has both responsive and static layout options under a ‘Theme Options’ menu. The homepage isn’t widgetized (there are no included page templates), but there are shortcodes included for customizations to your pages (along with a shortcode reference that includes images / samples for each shortcode). The handy thing about using shortcodes rather than a homepage template with widgets is that you can then use the shortcodes on any page you prefer.

Fruitful is great for putting the focus on content or images throughout the site.

Download Fruitful

Panthea – YIThemes

Panthea Free WooCommerce Theme

Panthea is developed by Your Inspiration Themes. It’s a responsive theme with a flat design that’s focused on selling. There are available spaces for banners and store notices, and the “megamenu” allows you to set images in your menu dropdown for categories, which helps make this a really useful theme for retail shops.

As a word of caution, I don’t think this theme has been updated for WooCommerce 2.1 yet, as it looks like they may be completely overriding the “Shop” page template. I was able to fix the issues on the shop page pretty easily with a bit of CSS, but this may not be a theme that’s ready “out-of-the-box” at the moment.

Download Panthea

Bonus Round!

On a final note, if you’re already using the Genesis framework, AyoShop is a Genesis child theme that supports WooCommerce that you can download for free in exchange for an email signup.

Download AyoShop


    1. Hi Jose, thanks for stopping by! This comment gave me the impression that it was being updated as I wasn’t able to find any updates via Twitter. Hopefully it’s still in development, but thanks for the heads up!

  1. Thanks for this post. There are so many “best free woocommerce themes” posts on the net, but very few of them are from people who’ve actually done the research! Nice to find someone who has actually put some thought into it.

    1. Hi Joseph! As far as free themes go, Virtue Lite and Mystile (mentioned above) both do a good job of showcasing images, which I’d imagine would be important to that kind of site. There aren’t many free ones that support WooCommerce well unfortunately.

      As for paid themes that show off images, here are some I like & are well done:

      Obox also has some good premium WooCommerce themes – many do a great job showcasing images, though Jumbo may do it best.

      1. Hi Beka & Joseph

        If you’re considering paid-for themes, you might like to look at ENVY too (released a couple of weeks ago). I designed it for the Genesis framework and like ‘Highwind’, it’s very simple and light on the bells and whistles. Simple for the novice to populate and equally good for the developer who wants to create their own stamp!

        You can view the demo at http://envy.krolyn.com/demo/ – I hope you like it.

        Kind regards

  2. Hello Beka,

    I would like to know what are the fixes for the Panthea – YIThemes. Could you please guide me on that. I don’t know css or any other coding. I am a beginner to web designing. I want to build an e commerce web site. The Panthea site was awesome. So i want to build my website using that themes. Would you help me please?


    1. Hey there, I’ll add this to my idea board for a full article / tutorial, as it takes several steps (which will take some time to explain if you’ve never done this). In the mean time, there is a pro version you could look at (which should be updated), or could ask YIThemes if they’ve updated the free version for WC 2.1+.

      1. Thank you very much for your quick reply. Yes i would wait till your tutorial comes or i will go for the pro version. Thanks a lot Beka.

        1. Hi, I’m running a website using a different theme from yithemes.

          If you go for a pro version of their themes, you get pretty good support by their developers. Probably they will provide you with any required CSS fix or so.

          I also think of using panthea as replacement for the currently used theme (mayashop), since I really like some of the integrated shop features as grid/list view, ajax live search, ajax product filters.


  3. Very nice themes. I like the MYstile due to its grid based homepage layout. Thanks!

    1. Hey Andy, I wouldn’t recommend it. It bundles tons of templates, and some way out of date – back to WooCommerce version 1.6.4. You get display quirks like this: https://cldup.com/UAITrYQqHv.png and it’s far more likely to break with updates, be incompatible with extensions or payment gateway, etc.

  4. Hi Beka,

    I am searching for an eCommerce wp theme that will support drop-ship. Any ideas?

    Thank you for your time and work with this article. Is fantastic. I am thinking I may use one of the above and just have pics as placeholders for any clickbank affiliate products I am promoting (click & it takes them to the clickbank offer), for now on my other dot com . . . . .
    and figure out drop-ship site if you have time to get back to this question.

    Have a wonderful new year.
    Las Vegas, NV

    1. Hey Karen, you’ll actually want to take a look at plugins rather than themes for this :) . WooCommerce is a good place to start, and here’s a guide to WooCommerce dropshipping that’s very helpful, as well as another dropshipping overview with further plugin suggestions.

      If you’re listing affiliate products, you might also find this plugin useful (let’s you add > 1 link for each product); if you’re only using one affiliate link per product, the built-in external product type is probably fine.

  5. Hi Beka,

    I need the ‘shipping’ wording to say ‘delivery’ instead as I delivery goods to my clients and ‘shipping’ can cause confusion in the way my customers will expect their orders. Is there a way I can change the word “Shipping” to “Delivery” from the codes, or use a plugin?

    1. Hey Erin! You can change the title of each shipping method under WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping, so you can change the title shown to the customer to “delivery” instead.

  6. Hi between STOREFRONT and MYSTILE, which one is more mobile friendly and has a hight loading page speed

  7. Hello Beka,
    Can you recommend the best WooCommerce theme for a natural food store with 98 products (some variables.) I purchased Virtue Premium, yet looking at Storefront or Fruitful as better alternatives.


  8. Hi,Thank you for sharing this collection however some of the themes are very useful for eCommerce website.

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