4 Tips to Get More Product Reviews in Your Store

We’ve talked about how product reviews are important to your store’s success, so they’re definitely an area you can focus on to improve your customers’ shopping experience with your store.

According to Power Reviews, 70% of shoppers are more likely to purchase if a site has reviews. Reviews also help with your product SEO, as customer-generated content helps to target long-tail keywords. Even if customers sometimes leave bad reviews, sales can increase, according to CNN.

In short, it’s hard not to come out on top by implementing and encouraging product reviews on your site. However, there’s one glaring question here: How do you encourage them?

Let’s take a look at 4 ways to get more product reviews on your eCommerce site.

1. Get More Product Reviews: Ask!

This should be easy and obvious, but so often we forget to ask customers to leave product reviews. Asking is one of the most efficient ways to generate reviews, and if you’ve had contact with the customer already (such as a pre-sales email), following up to ask for a review is effective since you’ve already built a relationship.

For example, let’s say “Susan” emailed you with a pre-sales question about a product in your store, then you notice she’s placed an order for the product after having her question answered. Set a remind for a week later to follow back up with Susan:

Hey Susan,

Thanks again for getting in touch the other day about {product} -- so glad we were able to point you in the right direction here! I did notice you'd purchased after our conversation, and I just wanted to follow up to see how this worked out for you and if you were happy with your purchase :) 

Any additional questions I can help out with?

Many times, your customer will respond to this email. First, if the customer isn’t happy, this gives you a fantastic opportunity to solve the issue (which relates to tip #4). If your customer is happy, you now have a perfect opportunity to ask for a review:

Hiya Susan,

Perfect, thank you so much for letting me know this worked out for you! Definitely happy to hear you're enjoying your purchase.

If you have a second, would you mind sharing your experience and thoughts in a product review? Feedback like this is really important to us, and we'd totally love it if you share it :) You can leave a review here: {review form link}

Thanks again for your purchase! 
Have a great week,

If you don’t have a perfect opening like this from an existing conversation, sending automated emails can also help to serve as a reminder for customers to leave a review. There are some helpful plugins to do this for you already.

WooCommerce & Shopify stores can use Jilt to send an email a set time after a customer places an order.

The great part about this is that the process is completely automated, so you don’t have to manually send out emails. I prefer this option, as it will also let us take advantage of tip #2.

If you’re an Easy Digital Downloads user, you’ll need EDD Product Reviews ($32) to add review capabilities to your store, and then you can use Jilt to ask customers to leave a review.

2. Get More Product Reviews: Offer Incentives

While asking for reviews will get you some product reviews, not everyone wants to do something for free. In fact, a lot of users expect something in return for writing a product review:

More than half of consumers who aren’t writing reviews cited needing motivation to do so.
Power Reviews

Power Reviews recommends offering an incentive for these customers to leave a review (as does Bigcommerce), so incentives like discount coupons, free shipping coupons, thank you gifts, or loyalty points can help encourage reviews.

You can offer incentives with WooCommerce Points and Rewards ($129), which lets you automatically give out a certain number of points for each product review the customer leaves in your store.

WooCommerce points and rewards earning points

One word of caution with incentives: offer the incentive for all reviews, not just positive reviews — all it takes is a couple upset customers taking to the interwebs to talk about how you’re offering “bribes” for good reviews. You’ll have some customers to whom this will be a major turn off and will avoid purchasing.

Besides, we’ve talked about how negative reviews aren’t a bad thing, and you may also get valuable feedback via negative reviews to improve your products.

3. Get More Product Reviews: Give Product Samples

Once piece of advice that Shopify gives to new stores is to get your product(s) featured on niche blogs.

Reach out to bloggers or video reviewers who write about your product type, and offer samples and / or payment in exchange for reviews. Oftentimes, you can also run a giveaway of your product(s) to get in touch with their readership.

Not only does this introduce your product to their audience, but you can collect these reviews and add them to your own site.

4. Get More Product Reviews: Go Above and Beyond

The last tip I have for getting reviews is to do something “WOW”-worthy for your customers. Almost any time a company has gone above and beyond for me, I’ve written a review, testimonial, or shared positive feedback on Twitter. Impress your customers, and they’ll be happy to sing your praises.

This can entail:

  • Remembering to follow up with customers who’ve asked you questions
  • Sending follow up emails after purchase to see how they like the product
  • Asking customers to share a birthday so you can send a gift
  • Including a hand written note with an order thanking them for their business
  • Including a free gift with an order, especially for new customers
  • Upgrading to faster shipping for free
  • Giving customers VIP status if you have it

Make your customers happy, or do something for them, and many will want to reciprocate and share positive feedback about your store.

In short, our four keys to getting more product reviews: be sure to ask for reviews in conversations or automated emails, incentivize product reviews, get products in the hands of influencers to share and review, and go above and beyond to ensure your customers have a great experience.

Beka Rice
Beka Rice is the Head of Product at Jilt.