2020 was strange, but Jilt kept growing

This year was strange for all of us at Jilt (as it was for most of the world). But while the pandemic certainly upended our lives and altered many of our plans, the Jilt team has been operating in a remote, globally-distributed manner since day one. So while we still had to make plenty of adjustments as team members dealt with lockdowns, crowded houses, and all of the other challenges the world faced in 2020, we were able to keep working on Jilt with relatively little interruption.

We’re really proud of what our team was able to accomplish in unquestionably difficult circumstances. More important, we’re proud that we helped so many small businesses thrive and grow amidst the uncertainty of a global pandemic.

This year’s numbers are super impressive. Take a look:

  • ✉️ Email volume. Jilt grew a lot in 2020, and that’s reflected in the number of emails stores sent through our platform: more than 116.5 million. That’s a huge increase over last year (more than five million additional emails sent each month) and all those emails helped drive a big boost in revenue for stores, too!
  • 💰 Attributable revenue. Stores generated more than $78 million in revenue from their email marketing in 2020 using Jilt! How did they do it? By taking advantage of all the different types of segmented, personalized emails you can send with Jilt to deliver the right emails to the right customers at precisely the right moments. Learn more about how our customers found success with email marketing in 2020 by checking our new customer stories page.
  • 🛒 Abandoned carts. One of the most profitable emails you can send are abandoned cart recovery emails. This year, Jilt customers recovered 541,000 abandoned carts. Think about your average cart size… is it $20? $50? $100? More? Now think about what that would mean for your business if you could turn some of the abandoned carts at your store into completed orders. 
  • 🛍️ Total orders. Speaking of orders, as the global quarantines took hold in March, we weren’t sure what it would mean for our customers. At the end of 2020, it’s clear that COVID-19 accelerated the shift from in-person shopping to eCommerce—and for many online stores, that meant record sales in 2020. Stores using Jilt received an incredible 12.5 million total orders this year.
  • 🦃 BFCM. The biggest week for those orders was, as usual, the Black Friday to Cyber Monday week. And this year, our customers really took advantage of the power of Jilt by sending 234 percent more emails over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday week vs. last year. All that email paid off big time as stores using Jilt saw just over 20 percent of their yearly email-driven sales come in that week.
  • ☎️ Total conversations. We built Jilt to help stores communicate better with their customers, and there’s nothing we love doing more than talking to our customers (that’s you!) about how we can do that better. In 2020, we had 13,831 total conversations with Jilt users, and maintained a 4.9 out of 5 star rating for customer support on Capterra!
  • 🔖 Content. One of the things we often hear in those conversations is store owners want help learning how to successfully grow and manage their stores, and how to make the most from their email marketing. This year we published a whopping 175,994 words of new content on our blog and elsewhere. About half that came in the form of our brand new educational resource, Jilt Learn (more on that below!).

So how did our team come together to help the stores using Jilt send more than 100 million emails and drive tens of millions of dollars in new revenue in 2020? Let’s dig into some of the big changes and launches from the past year.

What we shipped for Jilt this year

We added a bevy of pre-designed email templates

While you can certainly succeed at email marketing with minimally-designed emails, sometimes you want to pull out all the stops and send your subscribers an email so drop-dead gorgeous it should be hanging in the Louvre. But let’s face it, designing amazing emails can be a laborious and time-consuming process. That’s why in April we added dozens of beautiful, pre-designed broadcast email templates to Jilt so you can get up and running with professional-level emails even faster.

Jilt's email templates.

Throughout the year we’ve added more templates to the library! If you haven’t tried a template yet, check them out here.

We added a new homepage section to Jilt

Jilt does a lot. You can send broadcast emails, like newsletters and sales announcements, automations, like abandoned cart recovery campaigns and win-backs, and order emails, like receipts and shipping notifications. Plus, you can get detailed analytics on everything you do, so you can keep improving your email marketing.

The homepage of the Jilt app.

That’s why we added a new in-app homepage — the first thing you see when you log into Jilt—filled with helpful tours, tutorials, and shortcuts so you can take advantage of everything in Jilt to become even more successful with your email marketing!

We launched detailed broadcast reporting

We recently added broadcast reporting so you can get a detailed look at the performance of every newsletter, product announcement, sales email, and every other broadcast you send! For each email you can see:

  • How many contacts your broadcast was sent to
  • How much revenue it brought into your store
  • Analytics including open rate, click-through rate, click-to-open rate, conversion rate, and unsubscribe rate

From there, you can dig down into your audience to see who on your list interacted with your emails and in what way, and even retarget customers based on their behavior. Learn more here

We brought our new email editor to all types of emails

Last year, we started to roll out our new email editing experience for broadcast emails to some new Jilt users. This year we finished migrating all email types and users to the new editing experience. The feedback we’ve gotten has been great! You love the more flexible and powerful editor that, among other things, enables you to:

  • 🎨 Design beautiful emails with better layouts and pixel-perfect control
  • 📸 Easily resize and edit your images directly within your email
  • 🔍 Search and embed millions of stunning, free stock photos
  • 📝 Use the font styles and settings that reflect your brand
  • 🏅 Show off your products with improved layouts and prebuilt row options
  • 🏷️ Offer discounts with pre-designed, template rows

We added more integrations

You know the old saying, “Email marketing is better with friends.” Okay, so that’s not a real saying, but maybe it should be, because Jilt is definitely better when you use it with complementary apps. 

In 2020 we added integrations with MailMunch and MailOptin, plus we improved our Zapier integration by adding actions and new triggers, so you can connect Jilt to thousands of other apps in even more innovative ways. Check out all of our integrations here.

We launched Jilt Learn

One of our biggest projects in 2020 was Jilt Learn, which we unveiled in July. Learn is a compendium of email marketing knowledge based on years of research and mined from the decades of combined experience across our team. With around 100,000 words of content and hundreds of inspirational email marketing examples you won’t find anywhere else, Jilt Learn is designed to take you from beginner to expert (or from expert to master) and unlock even more email-driven revenue for your store.

We’re really proud of Jilt Learn and we know it’ll be a must-bookmark resource for you. We’re constantly updating and added to the content in Learn, so check back often!

Looking forward to 2021

2020 was a big year for Jilt (and our parent company, SkyVerge; you can check out the SkyVerge 2020 year in review here) and we’re so thrilled for our customers who were able to use our platform to generate more email-driven revenue than ever before, even in the face of extreme challenges around the globe.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

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