12 fabulous, free Easy Digital Downloads add-ons

The core Easy Digital Downloads plugin is an incredibly useful eCommerce platform, and it makes selling digital products easy and secure. There are a lot of great premium themes and add-ons available to make your digital store even better (we even have some themes we recommend).

However, did you know there are a lot of free Easy Digital Downloads add-ons available as well? (And an inordinate amount of free EDD add-ons are from Andrew Munro, who writes great EDD tutorials and code snippets.) These free EDD extensions can help take your digital store to the next level.

Free Easy Digital Downloads add-ons

1. Lock Downloads to IP

EDD Lock downloads to IP

This simple extension will restrict access to downloadable files to the IP address that was originally used to purchase the download. This prevents users from sharing their download links with others. However, be cautious and warn customers, as those that purchase from a mobile device will not be able to download purchases on a desktop and vice versa.

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2. Related Downloads

Free EDD Addon Related Dowloads

The Related Downloads add-on is pretty self-explanatory – it adds related downloads on the download page after the content. You can determine whether you want to use categories or tags to determine related content, the number of related downloads to show, and how they should be ordered. You can also use a widget if you prefer to have related products displayed in a widget rather than below the download page’s content.

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3. Downloads as Services

EDD Downloads as Services

Want to use EDD to sell your services instead of a downloadable product? You’re not the only one! This plugin removes the “no downloadable files” notice on the purchase confirmation page. It will also allow you to select individual downloads that are services, or to select an entire category that contains the services that you offer.

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4. External Products

The EDD External Products extension is a great addition for those of you that both sell your own products and want to link to products as an affiliate. This allows you to add an external URL for any product you choose. If an external URL is specified, the add to cart and buy now buttons will send the customer to the external site instead of purchasing the item.

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5. EDD Auto Register

The Auto Register add-on will allow you to create a WordPress user account for your customers at checkout without the need for the customer to enter any additional information. This helps to expedite the checkout process while still ensuring that customers can log in and view purchases or re-download files (if allowed). The customer’s email address will be used as the username as this is required for checkout, and a random password will be automatically generated.

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6. EDD Download Images

The Download Images plugin easily allows you to add extra images to your downloadable products and display them using the [edd_download_images] shortcode. You can use the shortcode or template tag to display these images anywhere you’d like, which is very handy for products that require more than just a featured image. Advanced usage will allow you to display images in any way you want, such as a slideshow.

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7. EDD Prevent Checkout

edd prevent checkout

This one is simple: EDD Prevent Checkout allows you to set a minumum cart total that must be reached before checkout is allowed. Not for stores that also have free products.

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8. Variable Pricing Descriptions

Variable download pricing is a really useful option with EDD, especially if you’re selling versions of a product (i.e., Regular vs Pro software) or multiple products that can be purchased together (such as tracks on an album). The Variable Pricing Descriptions add-on allows you add a description for each option by adding an “Option Description” field for each pricing variation. This way, you can describe not just the parent product, but the variations for each download if needed.

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9. Featured Downloads

This extension provides a shortcode and template tag that will allow you to show a list of featured downloads. A “featured” checkbox will be displayed on the Edit Download pages and in your download list. You can then display a list of these featured downloads using the [edd_featured_downloads] shortcode or template tag. This is handy for those of you that like to either have a “Featured Products” page or show these downloads before the rest of your catalog.

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10. WP Menu Cart

EDD menu cart

The WP Menu Cart plugin adds a shopping cart button to your site’s navigation bar, and is compatible with EDD. You have the option to display items only, price only, or both items and price with the shopping cart button. You can also determine whether it should always be shown, or only when items are present in the cart.

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11. Software Specs

The last two free Easy Digital Downloads add-ons are great for those of you selling software. The Software Specs extension adds a specifications table below your single download content with information such as version, file size, and more. You can display specifications using the [edd-software-specs download_id="###"] shortcode instead if you prefer. It also adds relevant data to generate Google Rich snippets for Software Applications.

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12. EDD Changelog

edd changelog

The EDD Changelog plugin allows you to optionally add changelogs and version numbers to each of your downloads. This can automatically be displayed after the single download content in a toggled container (which can be collapsed), or you can display it using the [edd_changelog] shortcode. Changelogs and versions numbers will also be included in the EDD receipt page. This is also compatible with the premium Software Licensing add-on.

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Have a favorite free Easy Digital Downloads add-on that we missed? We’re always looking out for cool extensions and add-ons to our favorite plugins. Share below!

Beka Rice
Beka Rice is the Head of Product at Jilt. She works on app improvements, integration plugins, helping merchants improve recovery campaigns, and shares tutorials on reducing abandonment or improving recovery on our blog.


  1. Another really helpful post!

    I finally got around to installing the Marketify WP theme and EDD based on another post that you authored. I definitely plan on installing a few of these free add-ons, next.

    Thank you, Beka.

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