12 useful free WooCommerce extensions

There are a lot of really awesome WooCommerce extensions that can help you sell just about anything using WooCommerce. However, many of them are complex or require a lot of support, and are thus premium add-ons. Don’t let that deter you! There are also some great free WooCommerce extensions that can help your store learn some really cool tricks smile . Here are 12 free extensions that we’ve found very useful in our own WooCommerce shops.

1. Amazon Payments Advanced

Amazon Payments Advanced Free WooCommerce Extension

The Amazon Payments Advanced extension is developed by WooThemes and provides a payment gateway integration between your store and Amazon’s credit card processing. This extension embeds an Amazon Payments widget on your site, and all the buyer interactions with Amazon Payments Advanced take place in this widget so that the buyer never leaves your site during the checkout process. You can accept all major credit cards using this gateway.

Normally I don’t recommend free gateway extensions, as it’s imperative that your payment gateway integration is kept up-to-date and supported for security and the livelihood of your store, and sometimes free extensions fall by the wayside or are ignored. However, as the core WooThemes team updates and supports this extension, that isn’t the case.

You’ll still need an SSL certificate to use this payment gateway integration since payment data is collected on your site.

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2. Jilt

We may be a little biased ;), but Jilt for WooCommerce is a fantastic email marketing solution that allows you to send eCommerce-focused emails for your store. While paid plans are available, you can use Jilt completely free to send automated post-purchase emails to a limited number of customers each month, following up with your customers to increase lifetime value. Even better, you can use Jilt to increase revenue by sending automated abandoned cart recovery emails.

If you’re not already saving abandoned carts, it should be a no-brainer to get started with Jilt for free, as 70% of carts are abandoned in your store. By sending recovery emails, you can increase revenue by 15-20% in minutes.

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3. Product Details Customizer

Free WooCommerce Extension Product Details Customizer

The Product Details Customizer extension is developed by James Koster, who helped to develop the core WooCommerce plugin and continues to be a leading contributor.

This plugin allows you to customize the details on individual WooCommerce product pages. You can show or hide core components such as product images, tabs, product up-sells, and related products should you not want to show them all to customers. This is a great tool for stores whose themes don’t allow for options to change what’s displayed on product pages.

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4. WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap

WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap

The WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap extension is developed by Mike Jolley, who’s another one of the lead developers of the core WooCommerce plugin (and has been from the beginning).

Many customers love using the gift wrapping services that major retailers, such as Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond, offer on purchases – especially around the holiday season. This extension lets you add a gift wrap option to your products, and set an optional price for this service. If the customer selects the gift wrap option, this information will be shown in cart and within the order page. The plugin also adds your defined gift wrapping cost to the item’s cost as well.

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5. WooCommerce Customizer

Free WooCommerce Extension Customizer

Here’s one from SkyVerge, who is our sponsor. The WooCommerce Customizer helps non-coders customize WooCommerce button text, labels, and more. This extension provides a settings page that helps shop owners modify WooCommerce filters without templates or code. You can use it change the “Add to Cart” button text, number of products per page, tax label text, and other WooCommerce defaults (though some themes do provide settings for some of these items).

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6. WooCommerce Smart Sales Badge

Free WooCommerce Extension Smart Sales Badge

The WooCommerce Smart Sales Badge plugin changes the way the “Sale!” sticker is displayed in your WooCommerce store. Rather than simply letting customers know that a product is on sale, you can tell them exactly how much they’ll be saving by purchasing the product while it’s on sale to give them an incentive to buy. The new sticker will say “Save $x!”, or “Save up to $x” for variable products.

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7. Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

Free WooCommerce Extension Order Delivery Date

The Order Delivery Date extension for WooCommerce allows customers to optionally select a future delivery date for their order while ordering from your store, which is great for stores that offer local delivery (i.e., flower shops) or sell oversize items (such as furniture). The delivery date that the customer chooses is included in the order “Custom Fields” as well so that administrators can view delivery dates for an order.

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8. WooCommerce New Product Badge

Free WooCommerce Extension New Product Badge
NEW badge example
NEW badge example

Here’s another one from some of the core WooCommerce team. The WooCommerce New Product Badge extension is from James Koster and Coen Jacobs, who’s another lead developer for WooCommerce. This plugin adds a small NEW badge to products that have recently been added to your shop so that customers can check out your new inventory. You can set the number of days for what’s ‘new’ in your store under the catalog settings.

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9. WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers

Free WooCommerce Extension Sequential Order Numbers

Here’s another SkyVerge production. By default, order numbers are not always sequential with WooCommerce, as the order number is generated from the post ID (orders are a custom post type). Therefore, any time you add a new page, post, product, etc., the post ID is incremented and order numbers may skip when they pull in the next post ID. Many times, continuous order numbers are not an issue for shop management, but some companies require them, or regulate that invoice numbers must match order numbers.

WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers remedies this issue by creating its own counter to increment order numbers. The plugin doesn’t have any settings, but installing it will cause order numbers to pick up from the highest available order number, then become sequential from there. For example, if your highest order number is “343”, then this plugin starts numbering from that. The next order will be “344”, and order numbers will be continuous from there.

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10. WooCommerce Photos Product Tab

Free WooCommerce Extension Product Photos Tab

The WooCommerce Photos Product Tab extension adds a tab to your product pages that stores all product images in your gallery, which can help clean up your product pages. Depending on your theme, your image gallery may be messy or take up a lot of real estate on your product page. By storing these images in a tab, you can clean up your product pages while still using the WooCommerce image lightbox so that customers can see more detailed images.

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11. WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite

Free WooCommerce Extension Custom Product Tabs Lite

Want another option for adding tabs to your product pages? The WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite extension allows you to add one additional tab to your WooCommerce product pages that can contain content (such as assembly instructions), other text, html, or shortcodes (i.e., video embeds). The Photo Tab extension is great for embedding your images, and Custom Product Tabs can help with anything else you want to display in your product tab.

Almost any WooCommerce extension that generates its own shortcodes can use the new custom tab to embed those shortcodes (i.e., pricing tables, product documents, and more). It’s also very handy for sizing information for apparel or product FAQs.

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12. WooCommerce Checkout Manager

Free WooCommerce Extension Checkout Manager

The WooCommerce Checkout Manager extension helps you manage the checkout process in WooCommerce. You can remove fields that you do not need, remove the ‘required’ attribute so that fields are optional to customer, and can add more fields to the checkout page. This makes the checkout process far more flexible and responsive to the products sold in your store.

You can add new checkout fields using four different field types: Text Inputs, Check Boxes, Select Options, and a Date Picker. These will also be included in order details.

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Bonus Round! WooCommerce Product SKU Generator

WooCommerce Product SKU Generator

This is one of mine, so I didn’t feel like I should include it as part of the 12 extensions I promised smile . The WooCommerce Product SKU Generator automatically generates SKUs for all products and parent variable products using the product slug. This is handy for stores using fulfillment services, such as Shipwire, that require SKUs for each product (which is what a customer wanted it for). This way, SKUs are automatically generated every time a product is published or updated, and you can simply copy them into your fulfillment service. Bulk updating will also update SKUs for products so that you can create them for old products.

You can optionally create unique SKUs for variations of variable products as well, which will append the attributes to the SKU for each variation (also supported in bulk updates). For example, let’s say you have a “WordPress Tee Shirt” product. The parent product slug is ‘wordpress-tee-shirt’, so this will be used as the SKU. Any variations can optionally use that to create their own SKUs. If there’s a medium variation in blue, the SKU will be ‘wordpress-tee-shirt-medium-blue’ so that all variations are unique.

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Have any favorite free extensions that we missed? Questions about the ones on this list? Let us know!

Beka Rice
Beka Rice is the Head of Product at Jilt. She works on app improvements, integration plugins, helping merchants improve recovery campaigns, and shares tutorials on reducing abandonment or improving recovery on our blog.


  1. Nice!
    I think the most important extension is the WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs, to be able show custom information under product page. However this plugin has not any custom function or features in its tabs. Recently I got few emails from my WooCommerce shop visitors, they ask me to allow them ask pre-sale questions for each products. A simple discussion or commenting plugin will be very helpful to allow them discuss and ask any questions before buying. So I’d recommend add some plugin here which allows to discuss, comment and ask questions in a new tub under Product page.


    1. Hey John! You can actually embed simple forms in the Custom Product Tabs using that plugin. Here’s one I’ve created with Gravity Forms: https://i.cloudup.com/DkXYncYhhF.png

      As long as the form doesn’t have conditional logic, you can embed a form with your form builder as needed. You can use the form builder of your choice :) .

  2. Great article and do you know of a WooCommerce plug in that means you can attach an SKU to a coupon. We are trying to link to a fulfilment service using Linnworks but when the coupons are pulled through it doesn’t know what the coupon is although it does know the value. Any recommendations?


  3. Hi Beka,

    Is there an easy way to move the page text below the product listings on my home page when I use WooCommerce and have chosen the home page for my products page? As of now my original text/article that was on this static page before installing WooCommerce is now being showed before the products. I want it to be shown after the shop products.

    1. Hey Erik, I’m afraid this would be different with each theme. You could perhaps use a WooCommerce shortcode to display a selection of products and then link to the shop instead, as you could insert that before the content rather than setting this as the entire shop page.

  4. Hello

    do you have an idea where i can get a plugin products variations such colors,sizes for woocommerce?

    thank you for help

  5. Hi there,
    Great blog on top plugins, thank you! I have been searching everywhere for the right plugins extensions to help with woocommerce shipping. I sell a variety of different products and weights so the flat rate does not work for me, also the classes does not either, both of which are included in the free version. Do you have any reviews of those or if not would love to see a review of the best plug in extensions to go with woocommerce and that don’t cost a ton of money. It seems like I’m reading various comments (in my search for extensions) on how woocommerce is charging quite a bit extra on extra extensions and by the time you are done it costs more then just getting a different shopping cart plugin in the first place…I’m starting to see why people are saying that but I am still trying to be hopeful?

    Also…not sure if this is the right place to ask this question. When I add products to my woocommerce in wordpress.org it has the tags place…how is this supposed to work? I’m new to this. Is it for SEO purposes, convenience, to help the customers…all of the above? I have read some people say put as many tags as you can think of because it will be picked up in search engines? Is that correct or just on your website itself? Is there a way to hide this under the product description or is the idea for it to be showing?

    Thanks for any tips and great blog!

  6. Hi Beka,

    I’m looking for a plugin that can substitute the “add to cart” (when hovering over a product picture inside the category) to several icons with options like: cart, heart (add to favorites), thumb up (fb like), P (pinterest)

    Also I heard about a plugin that is displayed on the checkout page, and when the user likes or shares the product/picture on social media, he will receive an automated discount straight after sharing/liking the product. Do you know it?

    Thanks for all the good info on your page!

  7. Hi Beka,

    I love your articles. I’m stuck though. As you know from previous comments, I have a service based business that does custom work for my customers. I’m looking for a plugin that will allow me to organize orders and change status in a virtual assembly line. Like Trello for Woocommerce orders. Do you or any of your readers know of anything like this. I’ve scoured the web to no avail.

    Thanks for your knowledge.

    1. Hey Mark, afraid I’m not aware of something like this. The only solution off the top of my head would be:
      1. Use WooCommerce Zapier to create a new card for every order in Trello. (easy step)
      2. Use your Trello stacks as order statuses; moving a card to the next “stack” should be the next “status”
      3. Use Zapier (or your own custom Trello integration) to catch the Trello webhook from moving the card so you know when it’s moved and can trigger an event
      4. Use that webhook to trigger some code to update the order status via the WC REST API

      So you could manage orders in Trello, but you’d need custom code to tie order status updates to the card movement, and Zapier would help a lot with this (you can do a Trello > “custom code” Zap for step 3/4). Definitely not simple, but a cool idea :) If you wanted to over-engineer it you could even have card comments add order notes and stuff like that.

  8. Hello Beka, Thanks a lot for the interesting post, I would like to know if have used or had experience with variable price plugins. I am trying to find a plugin that allows me to manage checkouts for a custom T-Shirts Store, I know T-Shirt stores are very popular e-commerce sample, in my particular case I want to offer discount per quantity, and I will have price also variables based on 4 different printing techniques each applicable to a single product, lastly, I would like to advertise the lowest price of the product or at least a preferred price of the quantity I want the customer’s to suggest based on promotional basis.

    I have checked all over, and there are plugins for variable prices, but none I feel comfortable spending my money as the descriptions are not really showing all I need.

    I would appreciate your comments.

    1. Sounds like Dynamic Pricing would be a good fit — you could do variable pricing within the product set up itself, quantity-based pricing with Dynamic Pricing. However, advertising the lowest possible price would require some modification, Dynamic Pricing will display the regular price instead. I’m not sure of a plugin that would show the price based on quantity breaks available myself.

  9. Thanks Beka,

    I will double check on that one, I had it in my scope but the description of its features is too general that I wasn’t so sure if going ahead with it, and for the price I guess I still have to double check to see if it fits before making my final decision.

    Thanks a lot for your input.


  10. Hello

    Do you know what a product suite can hide it ?

    Payment is automatically charged on the purchase or payment ?

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