More comprehensive revenue reporting and better cart recovery

As an eCommerce shop owner you live and die by things like your total revenue and your average order value. We understand the need to spend so much time looking at the numbers–we do it too. At Jilt we track all sorts of metrics about app usage, recurring revenue, and traffic. Just like you, we use this data to get an overview of the health of our business and where we can improve. We know […]

Unified Jilt settings and pay by PayPal

Unified settings

It’s been an exciting month for us! We’ve launched not one, but yes, two really exciting integrations for WooCommerce stores. Send emails to members from WooCommerce Memberships or to subscribers from WooCommerce Subscriptions. You can read more about those changes here. While summer is winding down (at least here in the northern hemisphere), we’re not. These new integrations open up some exciting things for Jilt that we’ll share more about in Q4. In the meantime, […]

New integrations: Send targeted lifecycle emails for WooCommerce Subscriptions & Memberships

Jilt is used by an incredibly diverse set of stores that sell products in all sorts of fascinating ways. From drop-shipping physical goods to online memberships with digital downloads to “box of the month” clubs, each store is unique in its own way. Our core set of lifecycle emails, like abandoned cart reminders and post-purchase follow-ups, are designed to be effective no matter what you sell or how. But unique stores need unique emails, too, […]